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Pre-Series A

Softdrive is hiring! We're a VC-backed, very early stage startup in Toronto putting the PC into the cloud. We stream a high power PC to any device, turning any screen into a powerful workstation.

We're a virtualization layer on top of public cloud providers, doing stuff like GPU virtualization and dynamically adjusting VM performance in real time to match your needs. We also have our own remote desktop sofware with a proprietary UDP-based networking protocol and GPU-accelerated encoding, looking to support ultra-low latency and 4k at 144 FPS.

Why join us?

  • We're a highly technical team looking to grow as engineers and build a code base we love.

  • We have have an unfair advantage and several early adopters in a strong, defensible beachhead market (3D modeling in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction).

  • We raised funding from several prominent VCs.

Engineering at Softdrive

Engineering team and processes

Every engineer works on critical, multi-functional code. We want our teammates to challenge us technically and guide the direction of the product.

The entire team meets monthly to review roadmap items and customer feedback to generate a backlog. Every two weeks, we organize the backlog into short-term tasks and sprints.

We use GitHub for version control, code reviews, and issue tracking.

We use C++ (and are exploring Rust) for our core remote desktop software, with linting and static analysis. We also use React, Node, and Python in other aspects of our software (website, launcher, cloud virtualization, analytics).

Technical Challenges

We're building ultra-low latency remote desktop software using GPU-accelerated video encoding and a custom networking protocol to deliver a remote PC experience with 4k, 144 FPS+, crisp visual quality, and support for all sorts of peripheral devices. Our goal is for a remote PC powered by Softdrive to feel better than a local one.

We also have a cloud virtualization layer on top of public cloud service providers, enabling us to deliver cutting-edge features and unparalleled price/performance. We support GPU virtualization before the cloud providers themselves, and we're building computers that automatically adjust their power to match your needs in realtime.

Projects you might work on
  • Remote desktop software - You'd be working on our core remote desktop software, helping with video encoding, OS internals, networking, devices, or something else!

  • Website - You'd be working on our website to provide clear and impactful insights into an organization's computer fleet, as well as integrating with our APIs and cloud provider APIs.

  • Cloud virtualization - You'd be leveraging hypervisors (e.g. KVM) and server management tech to build the new wave of computers.

Tech stack

Working at Softdrive

We're currently a small team looking to build awesome software and remove hardware as a barrier for people (our customers) to get stuff done. We want teammates who are ambitious, who value continuous improvement, and who challenge us. We're close-knit and like to hang out after work (e.g. for gaming sessions) if you're into that!

Diversity and Inclusion

We're looking anywhere for the best talent.

We value building a strong rapport - we're there to help technically and emotionally. We use Hypercontext for meaningful 1 on 1s, and we collect mental health resources on Notion.

We'd be happy to get your input on how we could help.

Perks & benefits
  • Workshops/Conferences

    We encourage attendance of workshops and conferences as well as any other methods to refine one's skills as an engineer. We collect our favorite talks and resources in Notion.

  • Flexible Hours

    Work in whatever fashion makes you most motivated and productive. We'll have a few sync ups, but otherwise, hours are totally flexible.

  • Team Activities

    We currently do some gaming sessions but as more people come in, we'd love to figure out some additional fun activities.

Our Team by the Numbers

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