11 - 25 employees
< 10 engineers
$10m - $25m funding

Sourcegraph is a fast, full-featured code search and navigation engine. Developers jump between it and their editor frequently while coding, and it integrates into their workflow via their editor, a global search hotkey, and via browser extensions for GitHub, Bitbucket, etc. It gives developers a modern, highly productive interface, and it has code intelligence (hover tooltips, jump-to-definition, find references, etc) to make searching and navigation easier. It's also more integrated with the developer workflow: via the editor, code review tool, and code host.

Engineering at Sourcegraph

Technical Challenges

Core Backend: - Reduce P95 latency of code intelligence requests (e.g. hover tooltips, find references, go-to-definition) - Scale our language analysis cluster to meet traffic demands; mitigate infrastructure costs - Design and implement a system to perform fast, real-time, cross-repository git grep

Frontend: - Maintain and extend our fork of Visual Studio Code, which is patched to run in the browser and powers the features on - Add a find references feature to our Chrome extension for GitHub - Enable other developers to add custom UI features and integrations through the VS Code extension API

Tech stack

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