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Sourcetable is a networked spreadsheet that makes it easy to connect, sync and query your data, without needing to know how to code.

Our users are typically non-technical knowledge workers (growth, operations, finance, marketing) who are doing analysis work in spreadsheets. They need to model data and do data mashups from a variety of sources (SaaS tools, Databases and APIs), and have those models update automatically.

They need solutions that are more dynamic, more networked, and more collaborative than present solutions on the market. They need Sourcetable. photo 1 photo 2

Why join us?
  • Spreadsheets are one of the hardest things you can build — right up there with compilers. To succeed, you need technical excellence on the backend, paired with utter obsessiveness on the frontend, partnered with a genuine empathy for users.

    As scaffolding for the mind used by more than 1 billion people, spreadsheets are one of the few applications that can have a universal impact on people's daily lives.

  • Experienced Team: Everyone has 10+ yrs experience in tech/startups, including Hipcamp, Twitch, Bebo, Narvar and Hipmunk. Founders have been working together for 7 years. Everybody codes.

    You would be hire no.4, so it's pivotal that you enjoy and thrive in an early-stage startup environment.

  • Fully remote team. You do you.

Engineering at
Engineering team and processes

Our engineering team consists of three engineers. You will be the fourth. The engineering team consists of Jeff (co-founder/CTO), Ivan (product engineer) and myself, Eoin (CSS guy).

We strive for test driven development (although we don’t always succeed!), we pair program when the occasion calls for it, and we review each other's commits before pushing to production. We use gitflow with a branching structure (feature development and master).

Technical Challenges
  • Building a real-time spreadsheet.

  • Creating a bridge between relational databases and spreadsheet interfaces.

  • Optimizing performance to minimize latency and maintain spreadsheet magic over increasingly large and complex datasets and queries.

  • Data warehousing and security to ensure our customer’s data always stays secure.

  • Making everything consistent, performant and reliable through devops work.

Projects you might work on
  • Data warehouse

    Choose a data warehouse for the Sourcetable main query engine. Optimize its performance for data sources and joins from our Saas integrations.

  • Data Pipeline

    Manage a pipeline that moves data from Saas tools (Stripe, Salesforce, Google Ads). Make sure the pipeline is secure and robust.

  • Performance

    Optimize the API that queries the data warehouse to ensure sub 500ms responses for the spreadsheet interface.

Tech stack

Working at

We place a strong emphasis on shipping. If it doesn't ship then we haven't learned anything, and the faster we can learn the better. Customer service is important to us, as is a focus on building a business, not just a product.

Everyone on the team has worked at multiple startups, so it's a big plus if you have experience working at an early stage startup (<20ppl).

Benefits and Perks
Health Insurance

We provide excellent healthcare. We don't have many benefits, but this is one place we don't skimp.

Work from Home

Push code from wherever you like. We co-ordinate on Pacific Time.


401(k). Equity

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