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$2m - $5m funding
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The Span team left Tesla Energy in 2018 to build hardware and software that enables plug and play renewable installation into residential homes. Connecting solar inverters and batteries to a home can be difficult due to segmentation and regulations; almost half the cost of installing solar + backup currently is installation cost. We solve that with one beautiful integrated solution.

Why join us?

  • Climate change is ending the world. Do you really want to sell ads all day? Come work on something that means something.

  • Span is a rare breed of hardware company, bringing a cutting-edge tech stack to the electrical grid. Interested in embedded Rust? Come put it in production with us!

  • Like designing systems from scratch? We're early enough that you can help us architect from the ground up.

  • Wanna do hardware at software speeds? We've raised 3.5m just two months into operation and are planning to ship products mid-next year. We're from Tesla. We don't screw around.

Engineering at Span

Engineering team and processes

Our current team is three founding engineers, so we don't have structure or process yet. As one of our founding team you'd get to help put together this structure with us.

Most of our team is from Tesla, so as we scale, we intend to put in place Tesla-style development practices. This means rapid iteration built on a backbone of CI/CD and automated hardware-in-the-loop testing, with a loose agile (daily scrum, JIRA etc).

More important, it means having high enough caliber of engineers that we don't have to worry about process too much.

Technical Challenges

Our product is an abstraction layer for high-power, real-time hardware. Our codebase has to deliver a high throughput, highly reliable flow of data from sensors to microcontroller to Linux gateway to cloud. Developing on and testing this system is unusually difficult — you can't run a home solar installation in dev on your laptop! We also face interesting fleet management and data challenges: monitoring fleet health, building virtual power plants out of entire states' worth of batteries, detecting electrical appliance signatures.

Projects you might work on
  • Interested in real-time systems programming? We need to collect data at 10 kS/s over SPI from an array of current and voltage sensors so we can detect grid outages before they happen. Our software engineer wants to use Rust on Cortex M. We'd need your help designing it, writing it, and helping build a develop/deploy/test pipeline around it.

  • Do you love mobile development? We're in need of mobile devs to help us write a beautiful iOS/Android app to give homeowners control over their energy systems. As our first web developer, you'll get to own it from the ground up — from IOT data in cloud all the way to UX design.

  • Love embedded Linux? We'll be maintaining a fleet of tens of thousands of embedded devices, each of which needs a slim image with reliable OTA updates. You'll be the master of our Yocto build, own our OTA update process, and own connectivity and fleet management.

Tech stack
Google Cloud
Google App Engine
Cortex M
Cortex A

Working at Span

As a renewable energy company, we have a mission that matters, and it shows in our culture. We care deeply about making an impact on the world and we work hard because of it.

Perks & benefits
  • Beautiful Office

    We're at the top of (formerly TechShop), in a high-ceiling workshop surrounded by laser cutters.

  • Other

    Serious equity. We're looking for a founding team of engineers, and we're ready to buy you in accordingly.

    Oh, and we have laser cutters, 3D printers, and a waterjet that even works sometimes!

Our Team by the Numbers

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