Backend Software Engineer

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Spring Labs

Role Location

  • Los Angeles, CA, United States


26 - 50 people


4551 Glencoe Ave Ste 100
Marina Del Rey, CA, 90292, US

Tech Stack

  • Flask
  • Python
  • PostgreSQL
  • Docker
  • AWS
  • Ethereum
  • Kubernetes
  • Redis

Role Description

We're looking for a Backend Software Engineer/API Engineer that will serve a number of critical functions within the organization including building out the infrastructure around the Spring Protocol that enables our network to interact with client systems. The right candidate for this role is a strong technologist who also possesses very effective communication skills and is comfortable working in a fast-paced, collaborative setting.

Responsibilities - You will design, develop, deploy server APIs with industry leading best practices - You will interact with the business and R&D functions to understand, communicate, and build out the necessary systems for the blockchain network - You understand backend development and distributed processing - You will help design Smart Contracts, protocols, and security, focusing on anonymity and privacy - You will design and develop APIs that interface with credit reporting services, wrap on-chain calls to JSON APIs usable by clients - You will help build out the security infrastructure for APIs - You will help scale and test performance of different services on the Spring Labs platform - You will help develop, design, and deploy additional microservices as the platform scales

Qualifications - 3+ years in C/C++, Javascript, Python, or Ruby development - 3+ years of production backend systems development - 3+ years of experience in API design, development, and optimization - 3+ years of SQL against multiple different database backends - Strong CS fundamentals with understanding of software design - Great problem-solving ability with strong collaboration mentality

Additional Qualifications (Preferred, Not Required) - CS Degree (or Advanced CS Degree) - Design and implementation of Smart Contracts on Ethereum - Development experience in Go

About Spring Labs

Spring Labs is the company building out the Spring Protocol, a network designed to allow network participants, such as financial institutions, to share information about data, such as credit and identity data, without needing to share the underlying data itself. Initial use cases include ID verification, fraud mitigation, and access to credit reporting data - though the protocol and network have potentially far reaching implications and applicability. Our objective is to lower overall data costs while simultaneously allowing institutions to retain full control over their data, facilitating more transparent and secure sharing than is currently possible today.

Company Culture

We're an incredibly diverse & laid-back group of motivated start-up enthusiasts. Our entire founding team is comprised of immigrants who've achieved success by passionately dedicating themselves to their careers, yet the larger team as a whole remains flexible, easy going and team-oriented.

We regularly have team dinners and lunches, play in corporate sports leagues, grab drinks together during happy hour, play ping pong during the day, watch football/soccer/basketball games as a team, hang out on weekends, visit the beach, etc.

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