101 - 250 employees
51 - 100 engineers
$10m - $25m funding
Series b

Stitch redefines operations management for modern brands by empowering your operations team to execute relentlessly and quickly on big ideas.

Stitch's core focus is streamlining inventory and order management for high-growth brands selling on multiple channels.

Why join us?

  • 2,000+ paying customers trust our system with $4.5B in annual transaction volume, increasing their operational efficiency by 39% on average.

  • Stitch's investors include True Ventures (FitBit, MoviePass), Triangle Peak Partners (GetAround, SnapLogic), Costanoa Ventures (Grovo, Datalogix).

  • We use cutting edge technological to support our scale. We are a pioneer in using an open source MySQL clustering solution called Vitess. It was created originally to host data for YouTube. We have worked with Google to implement it here at Stitch and have enjoyed contributing to the project. It is now being adopted by companies like Slack, Square and HubSpot and we have been asked to present to them and share our experiences with it.

Engineering at Square

Engineering team and processes

10+ engineers are split across 3 product pods. Each product pod has a dedicated product manager and completes work in 2-week sprints. We follow our own dialect of Scrum - for us the process is primarily about creating feedback loops with the opportunity to reflect and improve with every work cycle.

We follow test-driven development (TDD), and we typically release to production multiple times every week.

Data truly drives our decisions here. We pipe data from JIRA, continuous integration, production logs, code analysis and more into a BigQuery database we use to feed Mode dashboards that help us steer the engineering department (and the rest of the company) effectively.

Technical Challenges

Our system needs to synchronize inventory counts across multiple sales channels (e.g. Shopify, Amazon, Etsy) for our 1000s of customers.

Periods of high e-commerce traffic like Black Friday put the most significant strain on our system. The application & infrastructure has scaled through database sharding, caching & queuing support from Redis, and lots of tooling for monitoring that made tuning to where we are today possible.

The software is interfaced with from CFOs running financial reports all the way down to warehouse workers packing boxes. Quality, uptime, and adherence to SLAs are all critical.

Projects you might work on
  • Our platform is currently built to serve retail customers, but we have a new full-stack development project in the works to add support for wholesale. This means we need to re-think old assumptions the core system was designed for, all the way from the DB schema to the UI.

  • The front-end was built in Angular originally. There are a variety of reasons we'd like to migrate to React, but we want to do this gradually so we don't tie up resources and introduce unnecessary risk. One possibility is to initially introduce React components within an Angular container. We need your help to build a POC and help us a forge a path to a future where React dominates our UIs.

  • We recently migrated developer environments from Vagrant to Docker, and it was a huge win for the team. A new initiative underway is to Dockerize production, so that every developer's environment can be a perfect mirror of production.

Tech stack

Working at Square

Our core values are posted on the wall when you enter the office: Be Your Best Self, Work Smart, Check Your Assumptions, Build Trust Every Day, Empower One Another, Win and Lose Together, Love Our Customers, Play, Bestow Love.

Be Your Best Self is one of the most evident. As an example, you'll see employees share strategies on company channels like Pomodoros and mindfulness practice almost every day.

The company is also radically transparent. As an example, any employee can view a dashboard showing the company's sales goals, revenue, and bank balance at any time.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    Unlimited PTO.

  • Free Food

    A great selection of drinks, snacks, and sandwich fixings are always stocked.

  • Beautiful Office

    We've got a beautiful view from our roof, and our conference tables are built from reclaimed redwood.

  • Pet Friendly

    Dogs are welcome, and we typically have 3-4 in the office on a given day.

  • Health Insurance

    We provide full health and dental coverage.

  • Work from Home

    Most engineers work from home 1 day per week, most often on no meeting Wednesdays.

  • 401(k) Contribution
  • Team Activities

    We do fun quarterly team activities for the full company as well as by department.

Our Team by the Numbers

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