React Native Mobile Engineer

San Francisco, CA, United States


Role Location

  • San Francisco, CA, United States


26 - 50 people


1020 Kearny St
San Francisco, CA, 94133, US

Tech Stack

  • Clojure
  • AWS
  • Terraform
  • Datomic
  • Clojurescript

About Starcity

Starcity is a lifestyle brand which provides beautifully designed co-living communities in major cities, and we're on track to welcome thousands (and one day millions) of customers to our communities over the coming years. Our mission is to make cities accessible to everyone. We have awesome backers including Y Combinator, Bullpen Capital, NEA, Social Capital, Index Ventures and have been featured in notable publications like the New York Times, Business Insider, San Francisco Chronicle, Silicon Valley Magazine, TechCrunch and many more.

We value purpose, integrity, and community, and place are a values-driven organization. We’re looking for teammates who are excited by this challenge, who are respectful and supportive, and who want to give back to and maintain the character of the neighborhoods we love.

Company Culture

We are a values driven company. This means that while our outcomes are important, so are our means of achieving them. We’re a team that agrees on the fundamental values that allow us to do our best work.

The Starcity Core Values are the actual ethics that drive us to make great decisions in times of uncertainty. It’s a foundation for how we treat each other and a guide to what determines reward, promotion, and termination within Starcity’s team.

Every time the company doubles in size, we want to rethink, fine tune, and add to our core values. The values of the organization will change as the faces on the team change. The founders have set the original intention for our core values via the Document of Excellence, however it’s up to the team to decide how we evolve, and how that translates into culture. As such, these are the behaviors and attitudes that we expect from our fellow employees:

Purpose (Perseverance) - Purpose is the reason behind all of our actions. It’s the “Why?” that drives us to challenge convention and constantly improve. Where mere intention buckles under the weight of challenges, purpose gives us courage, boldness, and resolve. It allows us to stay adaptable when information changes, agile when faced with adversity, and strong to carry out our mission.

Integrity (Trust) – Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Our team lives our company’s core values—even when no one is looking. When we are honest with each other and aligned on values we can trust each other to do what is right by default. We work together effectively by ensuring that we can trust one another’s intentions.

Community (Humility) - We acknowledge that both our team and the neighborhoods we build in grow sustainably only if we work together. We are interdependent. As we live, work, and grow in many communities across great cities, we will be sincere and humble in our approach, ensuring that our impact is welcomed and positive for both our internal collective and our neighbors.

PITCH for short - It’s important that we control the pitch of the rocket ship we’re on. With the right angle we can preserve fuel and make it all the way to Mars (that's right—we want to build housing on Mars one day)!

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