Steady Health (Acquired by Carbon Health)

11 - 25 employees
< 10 engineers
$2m - $5m funding
Pre-series a

Managing your diabetes well can be the difference between a long, healthy life, and severe health issues like cardiovascular disease, amputations, and blindness. Today, diabetes care is based on guidelines that are the same for everyone, regardless of motivation, lifestyle and other individual factors. Steady Health ( is changing that.

We are taking a novel approach to diabetes care, by leveraging a new technology: continuous glucose monitors. These wearables let patients track their levels throughout the day without pricking their fingers with complex equipment. Using data analysis and personalized modeling, we are building an entirely new clinic experience that helps patients understand how diet, physical activity, and medication is impacting their blood sugar levels.

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Why join us?

  • Healthcare in the US is undergoing massive change. The experience and quality of care you get as a patient is often not great and yet, the market represents 20% of the overall US GDP. Technology can make a huge difference, not only providing a better experience but also reduce price and increase accessibility.

  • I’m an experienced founder who previously sold a company to Dropbox. My co-founder is an MD who specializes in internal medicine. I’ve also been diabetic for 18 years so between us we know both the patient, and care side, really well. The company is backed by top funds and angels including former Dropbox CTO and Head of Data Science at Airbnb.

  • At Steady Health you'll have the chance to work with and learn from the best. You’ll have tons of autonomy and the chance to make a big impact on how our software and overall service will work. We also have a great set of mentors available through the company, you'll get the chance to learn from early engineers from Facebook, Dropbox and Google.

    Join, change an important piece of health care and save lives!

Engineering at Steady Health (Acquired by Carbon Health)

Engineering team and processes

Our team is small and the company is early stage so we don't have a lot of processes. We sit around one table and make decisions in minutes without requiring long unnecessary meetings. As we grow, we'll likely need more structure and there is a big opportunity to take part in designing how to keep our team fast and nimble.

Technical Challenges

The product and technology challenges will span a number of different areas including patient-physician interfaces, data security and compliance, personalization, machine learning, and many more.

Projects you might work on
  • You'll get to work on building a workflow-based, specialized EMR system for our clinic. Instead of building a big, clunky enterprise product with a million features we'll be focused on our primary set of patients and their needs. And, you'll have your users, the doctors, nurses etc. sitting next to you 24/7 to give you feedback.

  • You'll build our patient-facing mobile apps focused on delivering an amazing healthcare experience. This means an expressive and fun realtime chat, camera-friendly meal diaries and more.

  • Build our Clinician-grade internal data platform. Here we surface trends in diet, blood glucose, exercise and medication using the latest ML technologies. We are interested in detecting outliers, suggesting areas of concern for clinicians and ways to classify glucose response.

Tech stack
iOS Development
React Native
Google Cloud

Working at Steady Health (Acquired by Carbon Health)

Building a patient-focused healthcare company is an important mission and that has a big impact on our culture. We want to move fast while still be safe and secure for our patients, especially when it comes to data and care. That said, we're also people who don't take ourselves too seriously and really enjoy building the product and company together. We aim high, are curious, scrappy and thrive on solving real problems.

Perks & benefits
  • Health Insurance

    We provide full healthcare insurance including dental

  • Team Activities

    A well functioning team also likes spending time together outside of the office. We go on retreats, have dinners and go hiking on a regular basis.

  • Free Food

    Show and Tell Wednesdays! We all get together at lunch time and a speaker can talk about anything and everything that interest them. Previous topics include, Indian Weddings, Type-2 Diabetes and Rock Climbing. Of course, the food is catered!

Our Team by the Numbers

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