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At Stick, we have an ambitious vision: improve how people communicate by empowering anyone to share ideas through visuals.

Why now? Because people don’t read anymore. Audio, visuals, and video are replacing text as the go-to medium of communication. In life, we share photos. But at work, people need to know how to design if they want to translate their ideas from text into visuals - and only 1% have those skills.

Stick closes that gap for the other 99% - with a communication visualization engine that turns words into visuals automatically - using NLP, a universal visual design system, and ML.

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Why join us?

  • We built a growing waitlist community of 2500+ B2B customers pre-product, and are co-creating the product now with early adopters before launch.

  • Top VC investors - the same leaders behind rocketship companies like Figma, Dropbox, Facebook, and Canva - backed us in an oversubscribed pre-seed round (+33% beyond target).

  • Second-time founder from Stanford, IDEO, and top-tier management consulting experience from Bain & Co.

Engineering at Stick

Engineering team and processes
  • We stay close to customers - you’ll turn learnings from yesterday’s user demos into code you're deploying this week
  • Agile methodology with morning standups/Jira to align on daily goals and share demos
  • Feature branch pull request development strategy to facilitate multiple daily deploys
  • Relying on cloud and containerization to keep dev and production environments consistent
  • Heterogeneous tech stack with the ability to work in multiple domains
Technical Challenges

-Making interactive custom components for varying types of input strategies (e.g. anything from rich text editors to speech-to-text and other burgeoning input methods) -Transforming input to output in real-time using React rendered components -Building a smooth frontend that seamlessly interfaces with cutting edge NLP and ML services -Leveraging popular enterprise and consumer services for data integration and streamlining workflow

Projects you might work on
  • You would build a custom rich text editor that pushes the boundary on what input strategies are, going beyond simple words and allows dynamic rendering based on links to data sources. For instance, enabling a user to type in a URL and returning a rich media display on the fly.

  • Working closely with design to build a breed of responsive design templates that add functionality and grace to anything from D3.js analytics to a rich media document, while enabling interactivity and motion.

  • Using React/Redux strategies to track millions of user events with an unobtrusive approach.

Tech stack

Working at Stick

We’re tackling problems for which there aren’t playbooks. As a result, these qualities are important to our culture:

-Growth Mindset - We are obsessed with learning new things, and getting better every day. -Customer at Center - We build for people, and everything we do aims to improve lives of our customers. -Think Differently - We think for ourselves, and aren’t afraid to disagree or do it our own way to come up with a more original solution. -Strive for Excellence - We have an attention to detail, an appreciation for quality, and a hunger to constantly improve your work. -Ambition + Persistence - We have the courage to take on huge challenges, and the persistence to keep going until those dreams become a reality. -Have Fun - We bring energy and joy to our work, and realize that having fun together helps us do better work.

Perks & benefits
  • Company Retreats

    Last retreat was at Disneyland, and we're in the market for our next location.

  • Free Food

    As long as no one sees you eat their food, it's free!

  • Health Insurance

    We stay healthy with Oscar!

  • Workshops/Conferences

    We encourage continued training, learning and development even though we're a small shop.

  • Beautiful Office

    We're a few minutes away from the Platform in Culver City, and have a beautiful little bungalow full of art and whiteboards. Come check it out!

Our Team by the Numbers

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