Silicon valley
26 - 50 employees
< 10 engineers
$25m - $50m funding
Series b

We're in Fintech making investments in stocks accessible to all.

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Why join us?

  • Has been almost 10 years in the Fintech space and scaling steadily and surely.

  • Our team is a group of highly skilled professionals from reputable tech organizations where collaboration and innovation keep us going in one direction.

Engineering at Stockpile

Technical Challenges

We're building a real-time fractional brokerage which accepts credit/debit cards, supports custodial accounts (multiple logins with different permissions), and which supports gift cards. Any single part of that is difficult and exciting! A financial application means transaction management (you cannot debit one balance and fail to credit it elsewhere, every operation must fully succeed or fully fail regardless of whether it spans seconds or days), audit trails, and the pressure that comes with most numeric values meaning real money. Brokerage means entering a complex regulated industry (e.g. trades must be reported via API call to a regulator within 10 seconds; every new account must have an e-signature from a licensed principal) and reporting and building admin functionality for licensed professionals to perform the workflows they are required to perform. Real-time means performance challenges, risk assessment (throttling, limits, alerting, etc, because things aren't slow enough for admins to step in before an issue escalates into a crisis). Credit/debit cards mean dealing with chargebacks (any card payment can be reversed later requiring us to claw back the money from the account) and the nuances of all the card brands (American Express is funded separately, chargebacks come via their own site not our gateway API) and payment processors. Gift cards mean lifecycle management (issuing codes, activating codes, claiming codes, freezing codes, expiring codes) and synchronizing that information between us and the partners that actually distribute the codes (e.g. as part of a promotion, or selling the card for us). Custodial accounts mean managing access control, where notifications for any event on account should go (does the child have a login in which case they get an email or does only the parent have access? ), and introduces complexity into the business logic around almost any action (can this user initiate a trade? does it go through or require permission from the parent? is the parent purchasing for their individual account or the childs account? etc).

Projects you might work on
  • You will take ownership of our physical and promotional gift card systems. You will write the data pipeline that ensures we know when our physical gift cards have been sold, canceled, or returned at retailers across the country like Safeway. You will build HTTP API integrations, and set up daily processes to process and generate files exchanged via FTP with our partners. You will build an integration with our fulfillment provider for customers ordering physical gift cards online to ensure we know which gift card codes have been shipped to which customers so that if customers refund the same card cannot be redeemed. Your system will allow us to ensure we hold just the right amount of funds in our for-benefit-of account to back possible gift card redemptions for active, sold cards, not wasting capital on cards sitting in a warehouse or ones that were already canceled. You will build APIs to power an admin application to allow operations/marketing to easily generate groups of promotional gift card codes and manage their lifecycle from distribution to redemption or expiration, working tightly with finance to ensure the funding associated with the codes can be easily managed (money is automatically wired into/out of accounts or reports guiding wire amounts are generated). Right now these processes are so intensely manual and unscalable that we have essentially ceased all the marketing / promotional operations which brought us the majority of our customers.

  • You will write the software that establishes links to and transmits money to/from the bank accounts of our >350,000 customer brokerage accounts. You will integrate with 3rd party APIs for our clearing firm APEX and the fintech company Plaid and work with FTP servers containing daily batch data. You will handle not just the happy path success cases, but handle synchronous and asynchronous errors (sometimes up to weeks after a supposedly successful transfer). You will build a system to risk score deposits and withdrawals to separate risky deposits/withdrawals likely to fail due to NSF, fraud, or bank link cancellation, to help our customers trade on their money faster or withdraw their profits back to their bank within a single business day instead of waiting days for manual approvals in the current system. You will write extensive test coverage so that you ship with confidence and sleep tight knowing that no other engineer could ship a regression.

Tech stack
React Native

Working at Stockpile

We start with our customers... by knowing what they really want from Stockpile. We don’t assume they want a new product or feature; we test, collect feedback, and listen after launch because, at the end of the day, what we do is for them.

We move fast, but not recklessly. We are small and scrappy and work together unencumbered by excessive meetings or corporate politics. We simply want our employees to love and practice their craft and deliver great results.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    We work hard every day so we want you to take a vacation when you need it. Time to recharge and experience life is important to us and to you.

  • Free Food

    Breakfast is provided every day and can range from standard American breakfast items to French pastries. Lunch is provided every day through a food delivery service where you can order your meal from a long list of options that will cover everyone's dietary requirements.

  • Flexible Hours

    If you have a preferred work style or time we are flexible and can accommodate. Just let your manager know what you prefer and how you are most productive. We care most about results.

  • Health Insurance

    We provide medical, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance.

  • Team Activities

    We have regular team activities ranging from happy hours after work to picnics in the park with our families. If there is a new superhero movie in the theater you can bet that we are one of the first groups to see it. Not into superheroes then let's go see a rom-com!

    Are you a hardcore gamer or avid investor in the stock market? You will have plenty of comrades to share your interests with.

  • Other

    Short-term & Long-term disability and Life insurance.

Our Team by the Numbers

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