Software Engineer - Infrastructure and Systems

East Bay, CA, United States

Stockwell AI

Role Location

  • East Bay, CA, United States


51 - 100 people


405 14 Th St Fl 7
Oakland, CA, 94612, US

Tech Stack

  • React
  • React Native
  • GraphQL
  • Django
  • Tensorflow
  • Kubernetes
  • Redux
  • Google Cloud
  • Google App Engine

Role Description

Software Engineer - Infrastructure and Systems

The Stockwell Systems and Infrastructure Engineering Team work on multiple, challenging, fringe technology problems. Many of the engineering problems that we face every day have no existing solutions or industry standards. We view this as a minefield of engineering opportunities, enabling us to make a real impact, set new standards and shift paradigms

Here are a few of these problems:

  1. Stockwell stores are physical assets that we own and distribute geographically for public consumption. Our stores run non-trivial applications on powerful hardware. This fleet of stores needs to be effectively monitored and managed. Stockwell’s business and engineering relies on the effective operation and metrics obtained from the fleet of stores operating in the field. Our stores operate in variable environments interacting with customers across the country (and soon, the world!). Ensuring this fleet presents consistent management and monitoring view, while also providing a personalized customer experience is a key challenge. Running non-trivial software that represents a store-front requires solving problems in trusted computing, encryption and security. Fleet monitoring requires timely and lightweight communication protocols. Providing a personal, delightful customer experience requires a device communication paradigm that can work across our fleet. The Stockwell architecture, unlike a traditional mobile app or SAAS software, is spread across multiple physical layers, from our stores to physical racks in data centers to the cloud. This requires building effective networking protocols and ensuring that our networks are secure.

  2. Each of our stores generate several gigabytes of data, monthly that is processed on our backend infrastructure. Ensuring our customers obtain purchase acknowledgments and receipts in reasonable times requires an efficient pipeline of data processing that depends on well designed and scalable distributed systems. Our data also flows through deep learning computation that brings with it the challenges of running GPU heavy applications effectively.

  3. Deep learning is a key component of our infrastructure as we explore the possibilities of running deep learning chips on our stores itself to provide real-time inference or leverage custom chips like Google’s TPU’s in the cloud, for extremely fast training. Effectively training deep learning models for our inference services requires tracking current model performances, and tracking and sampling training data for continuous model training. Engineers on our team, work on cutting edge hardware in a real-world environment making a difference in our business and operations.

You don’t have to be an expert in any of the above technologies, we are looking for engineers with strong CS fundamentals, enthusiasm for some of the problems outlined above and a willingness to jump in to solve for the immediate need while keeping a long term view of paradigm-shifting technologies.

Your Qualifications: - 2+ years of software development experience. Experience with Python or Golang is a plus. - 1+ years of Infrastructure Engineering. - A knack for systems: You should have opinions on simple and elegant design of software systems. - BS or MS degree in Computer Science. - Strong analytical and verbal communication skills. A willingness to describe large scale systems in architecture documents and diagrams. - Incredibly fast learner, hungry for growth and/or ready to lead.

Preferred/Bonus Qualifications - 5+ years of experience with one or more general purpose programming languages including but not limited to: Java, C/C++, C#, Objective C, Python, JavaScript, or Go. - Experience with Linux system design & troubleshooting - Experience with Video streaming and camera systems on Linux - Experience with Networking and Security - Experience with the Google Cloud Platform - An interest in AI and Machine Learning

About Stockwell AI

At Stockwell we're building the future of brick and mortar retail by shrinking the store and bringing it to where people already are - where they live, play, and work. Our cabinet-style microstores use computer vision to automatically audit your transaction and build you your receipt. Our team of engineers, logistics and retail experts are working to redefine the economics of last-mile distribution, combining the convenience and personalization of e-commerce retail with the immediacy, tangibility, and serendipity of a physical storefront.

Company Culture

We've done the naive thing of doing everything ourselves — we're fully vertically integrated. This means that our company culture is by nature extremely collaborative and cross functional. It's not uncommon for engineers to take on more product ownership and work with business partners across Retail (what we fill the stores with), Ops (how we get the goods there), Sales (how we place the stores), Marketing (how we communicate to new customers), and Hardware (the stores themselves).

We value authenticity, thoughtfulness, and transparency. We balance execution and strategy. We encourage a growth mindset.

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