11 - 25 Employees
< 10 Engineers
$10M - $25M Funding
Series A

We build developer tools for Machine Learning and Data Science engineers. Our first product is an open source app framework that makes it ridiculously easy to build apps by just adding a couple of lines of code to existing Python scripts.

Based in the heart of San Francisco, we’re a diverse, collaborative team of elite technologists from Google, X, Twitter, Carnegie Mellon Computer Science, and Stanford Business School. We have funding from top VCs like Gradient (Google’s AI Investment Arm), and we’re growing quickly. If you’re passionate about ML/data science, we want to talk to you!

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Active Roles
Why join us?
  • Streamlit was founded by industry leaders: a VP of engineering from Zoox, founder of Eterna and FoldIt; a tech lead manager for Google Hangouts web and for a Google X AI project; and a Stanford MBA who led product and operations for several stealthy Google X projects.

  • We just launched our open source library in October 2019 and have see huge growth since!

  • We believe that machine learning engineers deserve blazingly fast, fun, and interactive tools. And the love we're getting from users shows we're on the right track! Check it out in our Twitter feed:

Engineering at Streamlit
Engineering team and processes

We’re an early stage startup so our structure is basically flat, with engineers wearing a number of hats, including: helping guide the direction of the product, interacting with customers, and helping optimize our internal processes.

Technical Challenges

We're building a web-app framework that abstracts away all complexity about building web apps. Users don't have to think about HTML, JS, backend, routes, serialization, callbacks, threading, performance, incremental updates, etc. This means that the complexity is all on our end! Finding smart technical solutions to generalize these problems and abstract them away is what we live and breathe :D

Tech stack

Working at Streamlit

We love what we do, but we also value life outside of work: half of us have young children, some of us block our calendars to go running. That means we don't do nights and weekends, and no crunch time. Instead, we believe in coming up with plans that are feasible within the available time, and execute them to a T.

Flexible Hours

No hard schedule: just be around for our standups at 1pm, our weekly planning meetings, and whatever other random things get scheduled. Availability from 10am-5pm preferable, but we're flexible.

Maternal/Paternal Leave

Birth parent: 12 weeks paid + 8 weeks unpaid Partner: 8 weeks paid + 4 weeks unpaid

Work from Home

Some engineers work from home on set days of the week. Just set it up with your manager.

Generous Vacation

No set limits on vacation! Just check in with your manager first.

Pet Friendly

We don't have a set policy on this, but ask us if you're interested. We've done it before!

Health Insurance

Medical, Dental, Vision, Life insurance.

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