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$2M - $5M Funding
Pre-Series A

At Strive we build products and programs to transform managers into leaders, helping them build meaning, belonging and opportunity for themselves and their teams.

Strive's remote-friendly, cohort-based training experience combines 360 assessments, Zoom-based classes led by vetted executive coaches, application challenges and ongoing nudges to ensure learners don't just absorb lessons in a classroom but actually change their behavior in the real world. 90% of participants and 100% of buyers say they would be disappointed if they could no longer learn through Strive. Large companies (Pinterest, Intuit) and growth-stage startups (Chime, TripActions, Guild) alike use Strive to develop emerging leaders.

Strive was founded in 2017 with a founding team from YouTube, Minerva, LinkedIn, Target and Amazon.

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Why join us?

  • Build something that matters.

    After our partners or family members, our managers often have the largest impact on our meaning, belonging and opportunities at work and in life. Unfortunately, many/most managersd are bad – 50% of workers would prefer a new manager over a raise and 65% have quit a company to get away from a bad manager.

    Most managers aren't bad because they want to be bad. Management is hard, non-intuitive, and rarely taught (well).

    We are building a platform to train managers. This will have an enormous impact on both the people going through our training programs as well as their direct reports.

  • Our product works – 83% of users and 100% of buyers would be disappointed if they could no longer use Strive.

  • The business is growing.

    We've grown 5x Year-over-Year. We've signed deals with large companies (Intuit, Slack, Pinterest, Airbnb, Github) and unicorn-stage startups (TripActions, Guild, Chime).

  • We have a great team.

    Our founder worked in edtech for a decade at Google, YouTube, and Minerva. Our #2 worked at LinkedIn in sales, marketing and partnerships for the last seven years. Our engineering lead worked on AWS at Amazon before working as CTO of a sales automation startup that was acquired by LinkedIn.

  • We have big technical challenges we need great engineers to work on.

    We are building out automated coaching to provide people with intelligent nudges and relevant advice. This will be really hard technically, but if successful, would be a major advancement in learning science.

Engineering at Strive

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering lead studied CS and AI at Columbia, worked on AWS at Amazon and was the CTO of a sales automation startup that was acquired by LinkedIn.

We currently have three full stack SWEs and a data analyst reporting into him.

We use agile sprints, shipping multiple times a week. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to build and ship a lot.

Technical Challenges
  1. Building an always-on automated coach that provides automated feedback and suggestions to managers based on Zoom meetings.
  2. Building a highly secure system that captures sensitive employee performance data to provide an ongoing learning experience.
Projects you might work on
  • Build an always on, automated coach that integrates with Zoom to automatically identify issues managers are facing and provide relevant guidance.

    For example, research shows that great managers ask 4x as many qs in 1:1s as bad managers. Can we automatically classify 1:1 meetings and use behavioral science to encourage managers to ask more questions? Great managers hold more inclusive meetings; can we automatically identify talk time, interruptions, and other markers of psychological safety to encourage inclusive meetings?

  • Redesign the core Strive app to make it faster and more usable, working in partnership with product and user experience design.

  • Build an engagement and impact dashboard for customers to show how management training impacts their business.

Tech stack

Working at Strive

We care deeply about what we're building because we know it really matters. We're looking for missionaries, not mercenaries, to join the team.

We work hard, act as owners, discuss and debate ideas, obsess over solving customer and candidate problems, and laugh a lot along the way.

We value deep work, having company-wide Deep Work Wednesday (no meetings) and try hard to stack all meetings for engineers on Mondays and Thursdays to provide large, uninterrupted blocks of time.

Perks & benefits
  • 401(k) Contribution
  • Generous Vacation
  • Health Insurance
  • Company Retreats

    We do a team retreat once/year

  • Flexible Hours

    The eng team is on ~10-7, but we're flexible on timing and location.

  • Philanthropic Contributions
  • Team Activities

    We do game nights 2x/month and happy hours 1x/month.

  • Work from Home

    We will do WFH Wednesday at minimum and potentially more time remote. The eng team is flexible on location.

  • Free Food

    When we're in office, we have team lunch Monday and plentiful snacks.

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