Strive, a FranklinCovey company

Sf, remote
501+ employees
26 - 50 engineers
$0 - $250k funding
Exited (ipo)

OVERVIEW Strive is an edtech startup building a platform for management training and leadership development. Strive was acquired by FranklinCovey, a publicly traded corporate training company, in April '21. FranklinCovey will now use Strive's learning platform to power the learning experience for their thousands of customers and millions of learners.

ABOUT STRIVE Strive's management training platform is like Noom or Omada Health for learning, combining coaching, community, accountability and analytics to drive behavior change at scale. The approach works – 90% of participants and 100% of buyers say they would be disappointed if they could no longer use Strive, the average participant improves 10% on key leadership skills and completion rates are ~3x industry standards.

ABOUT FRANKLIN COVEY Franklin Covey Co. (NYSE: FC) is a global, public company, specializing in organizational performance improvement. We help organizations achieve results that require lasting changes in human behavior. FranklinCovey's solutions are available across multiple modalities and in 21 languages. Clients have included the Fortune 100, Fortune 500, thousands of small- and mid-sized businesses, numerous government entities, and educational institutions.

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Why join us?

  • Impact

    After our partners or family members, our managers often have the largest impact on our happiness and fulfillment. Unfortunately, many/most managers are bad – 50% of workers would prefer a new manager over a raise and 65% have quit a company to get away from a bad manager.

    Most managers aren't bad because they want to be bad – management is hard, non-intuitive, and rarely taught (well).

    We are building a platform to train managers. This will have an enormous impact on both the people going through our training programs as well as their direct reports.

  • Scale

    Strive was recently acquired by FranklinCovey, one of the world's largest and most well-respected corporate training companies. Strive's learning platform will need to scale 100-1000x in the next year, reaching thousands of customers and millions of learners.

  • Speed

    Strive's product, design and engineering team will continue to operate as a fast-moving, high-performing unit. You'll get the scale and stability of a larger, established company, while still moving quickly and shipping many new products.

  • Team

    Strive's team is experienced and driven. Our founder worked in edtech for a decade at Google, YouTube, and Minerva. Our head of sales and customer success worked at LinkedIn in sales, marketing and partnerships for the last seven years. Our head of engineering worked on AWS at Amazon before working as CTO of a sales automation startup that was acquired by LinkedIn.

  • Culture

    Strive is focused on building an inclusive, compassionate culture that challenges everyone to become the best version of themselves. In four years as a startup, only one person has quit Strive, a testament to the tight-knit familial feel and great personal growth opportunities.

Engineering at Strive, a FranklinCovey company

Engineering team and processes

Our head of engineering studied CS and AI at Columbia, worked on AWS at Amazon and was the CTO of a sales automation startup that was acquired by LinkedIn.

We currently have three junior software engineers, two mid-level and one senior software engineer reporting into him.

We use agile sprints, shipping multiple times a week. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to build and ship a lot.

Technical Challenges
  1. Building an always-on automated coach that provides automated feedback and suggestions to managers based on Zoom meetings.
  2. Building a highly secure system that captures sensitive employee performance data to provide an ongoing learning experience.
Projects you might work on
  • Build an always on, automated coach that integrates with Zoom to automatically identify issues managers are facing and provide relevant guidance.

    For example, research shows that great managers ask 4x as many qs in 1:1s as bad managers. Can we automatically classify 1:1 meetings and use behavioral science to encourage managers to ask more questions? Great managers hold more inclusive meetings; can we automatically identify talk time, interruptions, and other markers of psychological safety to encourage inclusive meetings?

  • Redesign the core Strive app to make it faster and more usable, working in partnership with product and user experience design.

  • Build an engagement and impact dashboard for customers to show how management training impacts their business.

Tech stack

Working at Strive, a FranklinCovey company

  1. Slope Over Intercept – Strivers aspire to become the best version of themselves, continuously improving personally and professionally. We approach work with a growth mindset, focused on how we can get better every day, searching for both small improvements and broad breakthroughs. We neither fear new challenges nor worry if we're not experts on day one. We aim to learn quickly, viewing failures as lessons learned and insights earned, not mistakes made.
  2. Balance Clear Standards and Compassion – When we work together, we set clear standards for ourselves and others to minimize miscommunication and unproductive storytelling. We're compassionate with ourselves and each other if and when we don't hit all of our plans, deadlines or goals. We give one another permission to be human, recognizing no one is perfect, supporting the person first and worker second.
  3. Think like a Scientist, Act like an Engineer, Document like a Historian – Like a scientist, we plan with intention and from first principles, focusing on the context, problem and hypothesis. Like an engineer, we act pragmatically, building just enough to achieve our goal or validate our hypothesis. Like a (great) historian, we document our ideas and plans, sharing them proactively and transparently in a manner that's clear for our current and future audience.
Diversity and Inclusion

Strive's team is about as diverse as any startup you'll find – across the team, 80% are women, non-binary of BIPOC. The engineering team is 71% women, non-binary or BIPOC.

While FranklinCovey is not currently as diverse, they similarly value DE&I work and have set ambitious goals in the last year.

Connect with our team during your hiring process

As part of our commitment to an inclusive workplace, we are happy to offer prospective engineers the chance to connect with our engineering employees who come from underrepresented backgrounds. It’s a way to get a better sense of our team and what it might be like to work with us.

If you’re interested in connecting with our team, be sure to bring this up during one of our introductory calls!

Perks & benefits
  • 401(k) Contribution
  • Generous Vacation
  • Health Insurance
  • Flexible Hours
  • Philanthropic Contributions
  • Team Activities

    We do game nights 2x/month and happy hours 1x/month.

  • Work from Home

    We are open to remote hires and don't adjust for cost of living

  • Maternal/Paternal Leave
  • Prioritizes diversity in hiring
  • Social impact driven
Our Team by the Numbers
Engineering team

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