San Francisco
26 - 50 Employees
11 - 25 Engineers
$10M - $25M Funding
Series A

At Superhuman, we are driven to do good. We are passionate about productivity. We are serious about increasing wealth creation and positively impacting the economy.

Email is a huge point of leverage: there are 1 billion professionals in the world, and on average we spend 3 hours a day reading and writing email. This is more than almost any other aspect of our work.

That’s why we're rebuilding the email experience. We are 10x better than Gmail. 10x better than Outlook. So fast, delightful, and intelligent — you'll feel like you have superpowers.

At Superhuman, you'll shape the future of email, communication, and productivity.

Let’s show the world how it should be.

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Why join us?
  • Great team • You'll be working on this with an exceptionally strong team. • Our co-founder and CEO Rahul, previously founded and sold Rapportive to LinkedIn. • Conrad, our CTO, was previously the first engineer at Rapportive and created PRY, a popular IRB alternative used by 25% of all Ruby developers. • Our head of mobile, Emuye, was an engineer at Apple from '06-'11 and she worked on the first version of iOS. • We have experience and product DNA from successful Silicon Valley companies including Apple, LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack and Google.

  • Solving a big pain point • We're solving a pain point that is personal for millions of people everyday. • We have 70,000 users on a wait list wanting to use Superhuman! • We're already successfully charging and growing revenue weekly.

  • Clear business model • We have a clear enterprise business model and path to serious revenue. • Lost productivity in email is such an important problem that we know companies will pay for the huge productivity gains they'll get from Superhuman.

  • Great investors • Paul Buchheit, the creator of Gmail, is one of our investors • Our other investors include the founders of great technology companies like Stripe, Parse and Angel List.

Engineering at Superhuman
Engineering team and processes

We have a mobile engineering team of 4 (including Emuye), a web engineering team of 4. The engineering team is very close-knit, with the following recurring meetings during a sprint: • Sprint planning (every two weeks) • Weekly planning (every week) • Engineering show-and-tell (every two weeks) • Retro (every two weeks) • 1:1s with managers (every week)

Technical Challenges

We have a lot of performance work and challenges here. We're engineering things to work at 100ms, which requires getting down into systems level and understanding how things work under the hood.

We care a lot about user experience. One of our core values is to Create Delight: if it's better for users, its not over-engineered. As an example, our CTO reverse engineered the Google Chrome layout engine, to build our own framework so we could have a custom font which snapped to grid and had perfect vertical rhythm.

Projects you might work on
  • Over the next few months we’re planning to take Superhuman from an early-access beta to a fully polished email client, improving the look and feel (particularly performance) and building out new features, like integrating with your calendar, or todo list.

Tech stack

Working at Superhuman

We value: • Being swift: move with speed, make rapid decisions • Doing good: make a positive impact on the world • Creating delight: be dedicated to delight, go to lengths others would consider extreme • Challenging convention: take calculated risks, play to win • Being resourceful: be determined yet flexible, persistent yet open-minded. • Being brilliant: become your best, do the best work of your lives

Team Activities

Regular team activities including games nights, barbecue, museum, art gallery visits, and a weekly celebration of what the team has achieved!

Generous Vacation

We have an unlimited annual vacation policy

Free Food

Breakfast and lunch included daily

Beautiful Office

We have a beautiful, quiet, open office space in the Financial District, in the inspiring Merchants Exchange Building. We're a short walk from Montgomery BART/Muni and the Ferry Building.

Company Retreats

Every 6-8 months the entire company retreats for a few days to work on bigger projects as a team, do hackathons, and bond :)


We encourage and pay for engineers to attend conferences. It's important not only to stay abreast of the latest technologies, but to also network with thought leaders in the field!

Health Insurance

We provide full medical and dental insurance.

Maternal/Paternal Leave
401(k) Contribution

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