Full-Stack Engineer - Product Focus

Silicon Valley, CA, United States

Swing Education

Role Location

  • Silicon Valley, CA, United States


51 - 100 people


#88403 548 Market St
San Francisco, California, 94104, US

Tech Stack

  • Clojure
  • Datomic

Role Description

Full Stack Developer - Product Focus


Swing Education is the education technology space with an immediate focus on tackling the substitute teacher shortage problem.

Our online platform makes it easy for great schools and quality subs to find each other. We help schools access more subs and offload tedious work associated with managing a pool of substitute teachers (recruiting, screening, payroll, etc.). Our network provides subs with a wider range of work opportunities to gain experience and build their professional network.

This position reports to the CTO and is based in San Mateo, CA. Swing is a revenue generating, Series B, Y Combinator company (through ImagineK12).

We are looking to grow our engineering team with engineers that have broad interests and want a chance to participate in many aspects of the business and want to help contribute to the broader goal of helping schools operate more efficiently.


  • Work closely with our product team to develop features in a pragmatic way. This may involve suggesting tweaks, offering potential trade-offs, and breaking down a feature into smaller chunks to be developed and deployed in stages. We expect our engineers to participate in the product development process starting with a rather broad goal/directive with minimal specification and implement both a functional user interface as well as the backend infrastructure required to support it.
  • Support both customers and other teams tooling and smaller computer programs to aid in automation and productization of internal processes and data needs. We strongly believe that programming in a vacuum is not nearly as fun nor as rewarding as becoming intimately involved with your users and teammates and being able to observe the impact that your work is having and participate in the entire product lifecycle.
  • Assist in implementing infrastructure and tooling to increase overall developer productivity. Examples would be utility libraries, helper macros, locating and contributing to relevant open source projects.
  • Support and maintain existing software via performance and quality improvements as we continue to grow to keep everything running smoothly.


  • Our primary applications are interactive ClojureScript web applications built on Reagent (which is a ClojureScript wrapper around React)
  • Our backend API is written in Clojure and our primary data store is Datomic. All day-to-day development will be in Clojure.
  • Please note that previous Clojure experience is not a requirement but is a nice-to-have. We are confident in our ability to train as needed and that engineers will enjoy working in Clojure.


  • Solid foundation in computer science fundamentals. While we do not strictly require a degree in Computer Science and day-to-day work does not require algorithmic expertise, there are certain classes of problems that tend to crop up that you should be comfortable with and have experience recognizing. Some examples:
    • Recognize when you have an n-squared algorithm or worse.
    • Recognize when you are searching for a pattern that cannot be matched via regular expression or have a problem that is equivalent to the Halting problem.
  • Track record for becoming a domain expert over time in both technical and business areas
  • Track record of a pragmatic approach to software development

Bonus Points for

  • Open source experience
  • React Native experience
  • Previous edtech, startup, or online marketplace experience
  • New user onboarding and first touch tailoring experience

About Swing Education

End-to-end solution that helps schools offload tedious work associated with finding substitute teachers such as year-round recruiting, fingerprinting, permitting, onboarding, and payment to substitute teachers.

Company Culture

We are a mission driven edtech company. The focus is always on our users and how we can help schools operate more efficiently and save time. Many projects are cross-functional in nature and require working closely with other teams to ensure successful deployment.

Work-life balance and DNI are baked into our company DNA. Many employees, including all founders, have young children and understand family comes first. Diversity and inclusion is important to us and we have the stats to back it up, 57% female and 26% under-represented minorities.

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