11 - 25 employees
< 10 engineers
$1m - $2m funding

Swipecast is a networking, discovery, and jobs platform for the fashion industry. Our platform uses technology to ease many frictions and inefficiencies in the industry. We solve 3 main problems:

1) Agencies take large commissions from a job that their talent completes. We disintermediate the agency, making the market more efficient.

2) Talents oftentimes have to wait weeks and months to be paid. We solve the problem by collecting credit card payments from clients, so that money is deposited into the talent's bank account a few days after the job is completed.

3) For most talent, the agency's books and accounting are not transparent to them. We bring transparency.

Engineering at Swipecast

Technical Challenges
  • Engineers here get their hands all over the tech stack, touching every part of the codebase
  • Since we are relatively young, engineers have a lot of ability to shape the tech / future direction of the product
  • Lots of greenfield / open problems remaining to be solved. Huge amounts of ownership.
  • We've built a recommendation engine to suggest connections to users -- pulling in data from Instagram and models.com.

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