101 - 250 employees
26 - 50 engineers
$50m - $100m funding
Series d

Maybe you’ve supported a friend or family member who’s dealing with cancer. Maybe you’ve battled it yourself. At Syapse, our mission is to enable healthcare providers to deliver the best care to every cancer patient through precision medicine. Our personal connections to this mission unite our team.

For the Engineering team at Syapse, every day is a chance to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients. We integrate genomics and clinical data on a single platform and allow doctors to share important treatment and outcomes information across a global network. Your work will directly impact cancer treatment at major health systems and life sciences companies around the world.

Here is what some of our team members are saying about building cancer fighting software at Syapse.

~ I knew I wanted to be on a smaller team where I could iterate quickly, and I also wanted to make a real impact on the world. Like most people, I’ve had loved ones affected by cancer. Every day, when I come into work here, I feel like I’m making a difference, and there are a lot of big, interesting challenges to solve. Plus, because we’re a startup, we get to use a lot of modern technologies. ~ Mia, Software Engineer

~ I think everyone at Syapse is motivated by the mission — I wanted to work for a company doing something truly important. I also tend to join organizations that are about to hit an inflection point, when you’re about to deal with a lot of technological entropy. It’s a crucial time for choosing programming languages, setting up the engineering fundamentals, writing constructs for product development and scalability, etc. That’s what I like to do, and it’s one of the reasons I joined Syapse. ~ Engineering Director photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Why join us?

  • We measure success by the number of cancer patients we can help live longer healthier lives. Syapse is deployed in hospitals treating over 1.2 million active cancer cases and early research by our partners suggest a 50% increase in life expectancy for late stage cancer patients and decreased cost to care! Think about the number of birthdays your work could give back to people around the world.

  • We're a leader on what is truly the frontier of medicine. Syapse has the largest marketshare for deployments of Precision Oncology software. A market that has seen two billion+ dollar acquisitions very recently.

  • We all know exactly why we go to work each morning, to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our fellow humans.

Engineering at

Engineering team and processes

We have eight teams with anywhere from 5 to 12 people, and they’re organized around features and customer value. Each team functions independently — they get to figure out the problems they need to solve and then take their ideas from conception to production. The goal is to encourage ownership. We want engineers at Syapse to think in terms of what they’re building, not just their job titles. It’s not just, “I’m a front-end developer,” it’s also, “I help Syapse build clinical trials.”

To mitigate the risk of tunnel vision, we also have what we call guilds, which go across teams and are organized by domain expertise like user experience, platform, and architecture. Guilds work together on things like the patterns we want to embrace, and how we want to use new technologies.

Technical Challenges
  • Building a scalable MSA
  • Ridiculously unstructured data
  • Building and scaling a first of it's kind data sharing network (work that earned us a Fast Company Most Innovative Company)
  • Complex Integrations with a vast array of data sources/types (Genomic, Clinical, Public data, etc...

- Building elegant but sophisticated software for non-technical users

Projects you might work on
  • Fighting cancer takes a lot of projects, this is the shortlist!

    • Re-imagine our data architecture and rapidly evolve the technologies we use to deliver the heart of Syapse's value - our data.
      • Help scale our new MSA
    • Scale the number of clinical trials we can direct patients to
      • Help us better capture that muky, messy data
      • Scale our data sharing network
      • Improve the way our clients see/interact with Syapse application
      • Automate our infrastructure
      • Ingest more data, from more sources, faster
      • Define our data policy
      • Improve our Eng Tooling
Tech stack

Working at

Mission Matters. Everyone at Syapse is joined by the common value of deeply caring about the impact their work has on their fellow humans. Whether it's a deep grudge against cancer or just a desire to do genuinely meaningful work, every one of your co-workers knows exactly why they come to work each day, to improve the lives and treatment outcomes of cancer patients around the world.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    FlexPTO: Take the vacation you need, when you need it.

  • Free Food

    Fully stocked on snacks & beverages. Lunch catered at least once a week.

  • Gym/Fitness

    Paid membership to 24-hour fitness + lots of other wellbeing perks (We're a healthcare company after all. We want you healthy!)

  • Health Insurance

    Fully paid Medical/Dental/Vision for you. 50% coverage for dependents.

  • Maternal/Paternal Leave
  • 401(k) Contribution

    401k plan wit a 4% company match.

  • Relocation

    $5,000 in reimbursements for relocation costs

Our Team by the Numbers

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