Senior Front End Engineer

New York, NY, United States

Syntactx Technologies

Role Location

  • New York, NY, United States



51 - 100 people


150 Greenwich St Fl 44
New York, NY, 10007, US

Tech Stack

  • .NET
  • Angular.js
  • Node.js
  • SQL
  • MongoDB
  • Azure

Role Description


The main endeavor of Syntactx Technologies is the Syncrony electronic data capture system (EDC) platform. It allows sponsors to instantiate fully customized clinical trial software through configuration and tooling, and constitutes a broad array of complex functionalities. In addition to Syncrony, the team also supports various smaller applications such as a safety adjudication module, and timekeeping for Syntactx US and EU.


  1. Syncrony matters. Syncrony is used to conduct clinical research of real-world medical devices in active trials around the world.

  2. The frontend is complex and challenging. Trial datasets may encompass millions of data points gathered over decades through an ongoing narrative process between varied end users including data managers,,scientists,,doctors,,regulatory bodies, and the subjects themselves. The system includes audit trails, security and safety features, and custom roles, workflows and reports, much of which is built by configuration.

  3. You matter. As a member of a small team with a large responsibility, both the work and the ideas of each engineer are relied upon for the continued success of Syncrony.

  4. Open opportunity. A ton of greenfield projects and several aspects of the application to take ownership of coupled with an open team attitude means ready opportunities for running with ideas, exploring new avenues, and driving personal and professional growth.


(for now) AngularJS, ASP.NET Web API 2, SQL and NoSQL databases, hosted in the Azure Cloud


  • You are more than just a frontend engineer; you are a frontend architect. You can handle a frontend as complex as any backend, have solid CS fundamentals, and can make high-level decisions about architecture, scaling, security, and extensibility.

  • You are an extremely big-picture and forward thinker. Supporting software with a massive time horizon, broad potential for extensibility within the industry, and large amounts of stakeholders and end users, means that we are always writing foundational code to enable even unforeseeable future possibilities.

  • You are organized, and detail-oriented. Rapid prototyping has its place, but in a complex environment where data integrity and process is paramount, a developer must be cognizant of all externalities of the code that they write within the system.

  • You truly write clean code and unit tests. Our product is the solidity of its functionality and maintainability, so the code must be beautiful. Writing beautiful code should be a matter of personal pride for you. In a review, you should be able to provide and consider productive feedback and, in general, you should not be willing to settle for anything short of code that is as thorough, extensible, modular, and maintainable as possible.

  • You are cool, calm, and collected, and work as easily within the team as you do on your own.

About Syntactx Technologies

We deliver best-in-class clinical trial software.

Company Culture

Syntactx is a company steeped in tradition; they know their clientele, they know their strengths, they lift each other up, and they bring everyone together; together with structure.

Syntactx Technologies is a small but mighty part of this organization, closely knit with weekly and monthly rituals (Go Go Curry, anyone?) and a collaborative, supportive environment that mirrors that of a startup launched by close friends with a mission.

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