Security Reliability Engineer


Systech Corp

Role Location

  • Remote


251 - 500 people

Tech Stack

  • JVM languages
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Google Apps Script
  • .NET
  • Spring Boot

Role Description

JD SRE Engineer App Dev Dot Net They should have the ability to dive deeper into the code structure. o Must have r/w access to version control. • Understand .NET stack. o What is a .NET stack. o Basic understanding of the framework : Common Intermediate Language (CIL) Common Language Runtime. (CLR) Machine code. • Ability to spin up local development environment o Clone the code from version control (git) o Standup a standalone environment using the latest production code. o Understand the application tier. o Understand the database tier. o Understand other components and how it is instrumented. o Understand UI tier and how its communicating with application tier. o Understand where business functions code is located (DB and App tier). • Understand all the infrastructure around production environment. o Application tier : Number of hosts participating. o UI tier : Number of host participating to service UI requests. o DB tier : Number of Host(s) involved. o Understand basic Network architecture (VLAN). • Understand Infrastructure level metrics for performance SLA : o Basic understanding of host level metrics CPU
IO o Basic understanding of Database performance profile. Database top 10 queries performance profile. Elapsed time. I/O wait time. CPU time. Database events. Query Plan profile. • Understand Application (using development or testing environment) o Login to application and navigate some basic steps. o Understand the Connect between UI action , App tier and DB. o Monitoring.  Using Dynatrace tool to understand response time.  How to use Dynatrace during troubleshooting sessions. • Understand Application testing process. • As they get comfortable, I would expect them to fix minor fixes and check in the production quality code.

About Systech Corp

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Company Culture

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