Full Stack Engineer (Unity)

San Francisco, CA, United States


Role Location

  • San Francisco, CA, United States


< 10 people


100 Broadway Ste 100
San Francisco, CA, 94111, US

Tech Stack

  • Unity3D
  • AWS
  • Python
  • C#
  • React

Role Description

ABOUT YOU Specialization is for insects, developers at FableLabs will do a little bit of everything. We expect you to have shipped mobile apps and touched a large variety of systems. We're not looking for someone to mentor; we're looking for leaders who can clear the way for their colleagues. Handled server-side scaling challenges? Check. Responsive app clients? Piece of cake. Tools that empower the team? You've lost track of how many things you've built to help others or yourself save time.

YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES * Game Client: Improvements to make the consumer experience more delightful. * Content Authoring Tools: Tools to add visuals, interactivity, and persistence to stories for professional and amatuer writers. * Publishing: Develop systems to allow writers to publish, collect insights, improve monetization, and reduce friction for organic distribution.

YOUR SKILLS * 3+ years software development experience with at least 1 working with Unity3D * Experience shipping or iterating on live mobile apps * Proficiency with interpreted languages (C#) and/or scripting languages (Python) * Experience with Git, Amazon AWS, and databases * B.S. in Computer Science, or equivalent experience

About Tales

Tales enables writers to add visuals, audio, and choices to any story. We provide creators the data to find story/market fit and the economics to scale ideas into massive franchises. Our modern reading format generates 5x higher economics than traditional books and we have over 15,000 professional screenwriters, novelists, and game writers on our waitlist.

Company Culture

  • Level playing field: Too often we see media distribution gated by expert gatekeepers. We believe success should be dictated by talent + hustle + data; it should not be a reflection of who you know.

  • Growth over titles: Our founders don't have fancy resumes; we're used to being the underdogs. We're an amazing team because of what we can accomplish. We will always prioritize hiring a team member with high growth potential vs. an impressive title.

  • Antifragile systems: We don't just solve the problem, we always investigate the root cause so we can make systemic improvements. Every customer service message is a valuable piece of feedback that leads to growth.

  • Trust and leadership: We believe creatives and developers can be self-managed if provided the right environment, dashboards, and tools. Come here if you miss building something with your own 2 hands. Not the place for big titles and armies of reports.

  • Bias towards action: Prove it, toss it, make it work, make it right, make it fast. There's no need to have lengthy debates on ideas that are easy to test. We'll pick faster release cycles over overengineered solutions any day.

  • Unexpected insights: We believe many of the best insights come from connecting disparate ideas together. We like well-rounded people who have interests outside of work so we can tap into inspiration from unlikely places.

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