Talix Inc.

51 - 100 employees
26 - 50 engineers
$10m - $25m funding
Series a

We build solutions for hospitals and health insurers to analyze their data and get deep insights into. Our flagship product is called Coding Insight, it scans the text in patient medical records and automatically identifies all the conditions a patient has, shows those to a doctor and provides correct medical billing codes.

Why join us?

  • Big problem — We're solving a big, real problem and we work with two of the biggest health insurers in the country - Aetna and United Healthcare . We also work with big life science companies like Genentech and large hospitals like Geisinger health.

  • Good funding and small team — We're well funded, raising $14 million last January, and are still a small team. You'll have lots of opportunity to make a lot of contributions and make a big difference here.

  • Working at scale — We're processing millions of patient records a year, which creates lots of interesting technical challenges.

  • Rewarding work — Working on healthcare software is very rewarding as you know the work you're doing makes a real difference and is saving lives.

Engineering at Talix Inc.

Technical Challenges

1) We have lots of scalability changes. We're processing large numbers of documents and will have many challenges involving large parallel distribution.

2) We're building a rules engine to help classify the different types of healthcare data. We need to build ways for non engineers to easily add and tweak the rules in this engine.

3) If you're interested in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, you'll find the work here a great fit.

Tech stack
Spring MVC
Oracle RDBMS

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