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$2M - $5M Funding
Pre-Series A

Telepath is a new public conversation platform that connects people together based on the things they like. We have an in-stealth private beta with some early traction and a vibrant, smart, well-connected community that is growing. We're focused on building something fun.

Attached photo is from our most recent community meetup at our office in San Francisco.

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Why join us?
  • The founders have a lot of experience doing this — in particular, co-founder Marc Bodnick was responsible for building the early Quora community, which we think was one of the most fun online communities and has grown into a $2bn company

  • A lot of well known industry people are using the product and love it, and half of the users we've added in recently were invited by other users

  • We're well funded and have plenty of runway to focus on building something really good

Engineering at Telepath
Engineering team and processes

Our engineering team is still very small, so each engineer takes responsibility for the full stack implementation of a given project. Working directly with our CEO — who is a product designer and software engineer with years of experience from Twitter and Quora — engineers are expected to build out the REST API backend (typically in Python) and the client-side UI (typically in Swift), mixing in other programming languages or building new systems when it makes sense to do so.

Technical Challenges

Building a beautiful, flexible, gesture-based iOS app with variable-sized content that draws at 60 fps is challenging because of the single-threaded nature of UIKit. We've built a custom component-based framework on top of AsyncDisplayKit — the project that Facebook open-sourced when they released Paper — to implement asynchronous rendering throughout our iOS app.

It's also important that the backend systems we build are scalable from the outset, because speed and reliability are critical and we can't let things degrade as we're growing. We take pride in engineering our backend for speed — we have a great caching abstraction, and take advantage of a library that we helped engineer when we worked at Quora to batch and parallelize database queries and network IO in Python.

Projects you might work on
  • Building a search system to allow full-text search of posts and replies

  • Building a feed backend using C++ and Python, making product decisions about content ranking, measuring results and incorporating user feedback

  • Building a new feature to allow users to invite other users by sharing an invite code or URL

Tech stack
iOS Development
Google Cloud

Working at Telepath

We have a very high bar for product quality, speed, and reliability. With an experienced team of senior ex-Quora and ex-Twitter engineers, we want to keep the team as small as possible — paying more in cash and equity per person, and only hiring the best.

Free Food

Free lunch and dinner is delivered to the office from local restaurants in San Francisco every day.

Health Insurance

We have excellent health, dental and vision coverage.

Flexible Hours

As long as you get your work done and are available for our daily team sync you can come in and leave whenever makes sense for you.

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