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Textile's mission is to accelerate the exchange of information on the Internet. We are a technology company focused on building tools that help developers leverage open networks, protocols, and blockchains. We are a small, fully remote team aligned in our vision to experimentally change the relationship between technology and data. You can learn more about our products and services through our documentation and our GitHub organization. We are a fully open source company.

Why join us?

  • We are a recognized and well-respected company in Web3. If you want to get into this space, there couldn't be a better place to start.

  • We are working on the key technologies that will make up the future of the Internet. If you want deep technical challenges, a greenfield of opportunity, and an abundance of creative and talented people to work with, this is your spot.

  • We value team and organization above everything else. It isn't possible to solve really big challenges or build really impactful technology without fostering a healthy and performant team. We are constantly learning and improving our organization so that people that work here can achieve their greatest outputs.

Engineering at Textile

Engineering team and processes

Broadly speaking, we are an engineering and product first company. Our planning process is roughly quarterly and takes about a week to complete. During planning week, folks decide on the important metrics to move as a company and then come up with their own engineering goals to move those metrics. We then go through a global prioritization and resourcing exercise to ensure we have enough bandwidth to get everything done. Each goal has a directly responsible individual (DRI) who is responsible for the overall success of the goal (which is quite useful since a goal may have multiple collaborators). After planning, we do a weekly goal review meeting where DRIs briefly present goals (e.g., are they on track, any blockers, what got done last week, what's planned this week) for visibility and to ensure we're collectively making meaningful progress against our goals.

Technical Challenges

The Web3 space is full of interesting technical challenges. As with any nascent technology that is trying to move blazingly fast, it's crucial to understand not only the high-level description of the technology but its implementation.

On your journey to using libraries in this space you'll find:

• A lot of bugs that nobody, not even authors, know about.

• Very minimal documentation on many things that you'll have to jump into the code and discover yourself. Be stubborn in trying to understand complex code.

• Build a mental model on how the technology works and put rabbit-hole walls on parts of the system that you won't be able to understand (e.g: bleeding-edge cryptography) but still know how it fits into the rest of the system. Know your limits.

• It isn't uncommon to have unexpected breaking APIs, so be prepared for changes.

• You'll have to find your way to contact experts in the space who might be the only ones having the answer to your questions. Everybody is altruistic in this space, so you've to be mindful of building relationships.

All these technical challenges open many exciting doors to:

• Leverage your mainstream previous expertise and apply it to these projects, resulting in big impact contributions. (e.g: https://github.com/filecoin-project/go-hamt-ipld/pull/39)

• Have unique opportunities to build libraries or tools that don't exist yet and are valuable for what we're building but also for the community. (e.g: https://github.com/jsign/go-filsigner)

• Transform our product needs in general features for the community (e.g: https://github.com/filecoin-project/lotus/pull/1843)

• Build strong relationships with other technical experts, and be thankful for the precious help they've provided. (e.g: https://github.com/filecoin-project/go-fil-commp-hashhash/pull/2)

Projects you might work on
  • Textile Auctions is a new model of creating deals on Filecoin using auctions. Auctions allow miners to bid on open storage requests in real-time. The miner-driven bidding has multiple direct benefits, including giving them the power to adjust bidding frequency and aggressiveness (e.g., price) based on their current infrastructure load. A more detailed explanation of the system mechanics can be read in the Bidbot readme: https://github.com/textileio/bidbot#what-is-an-auctioneer

  • Textile Hub is an open-sourced product that connects and extends a set of web3 technologies to provide useful high-level and UX-friendly abstractions to build decentralized applications: https://github.com/textileio/textile

Tech stack
Google Cloud Platform

Working at Textile

At Textile, we value passion, integrity, and an experimental mindset. We consider ourselves rigorous thinkers who can move quickly, learn continuously, and can thrive in a supportive, engaging, and diverse workplace. We definitely optimize for async collaboration by writing things down a lot in Notion, reading and sharing ideas, and commenting. For realtime communication we use Discord and Zoom. We strive for transparency, continuous learning, and thinking from first principles. We've found that this lets us build products quickly as experiments, and validate assumptions about protocols, networks, and users.

Diversity and Inclusion

We're a fully remote team spanning multiple timezones, languages, and cultures and we've recently developed a new parental leave policy to support new parents on the team!

We approach company onboarding in a very rigorous way, assigning spin-up mentors with onboarding meetings and projects to help people feel welcomed and productive on day 1. We conduct regular engagement and wellbeing surveys anonymously with full retrospectives so that we can continuously improve our culture. We develop internal communication norms to encourage bi-directional feedback and productive 1:1s, to ensure that we're being inclusive and thoughtful.

Honestly we have some important work to do in this area and would be thrilled if you wanted to join and help us chart this out!

Connect with our team during your hiring process

As part of our commitment to an inclusive workplace, we are happy to offer prospective engineers the chance to connect with our engineering employees who come from underrepresented backgrounds. It’s a way to get a better sense of our team and what it might be like to work with us.

If you’re interested in connecting with our team, be sure to bring this up during one of our introductory calls!

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    You choose how much time you need to rest and reflect—there are no hard limits.

  • Company Retreats

    Every 6 months we converge in a different place for a week long retreat. Recently we spent a week on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

  • Flexible Hours

    We're fully remote across different timezone and many of us have families—hours are totally flexible.

  • Team Activities

    We do coffee hours and Discord voice channels.

  • LGBTQ+ friendly
Our Team by the Numbers

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