The Fin Exploration Company

San Francisco
251 - 500 Employees
101 - 250 Engineers
$25M - $50M Funding

Fin is a new kind of assistant, always on and ready to help. Fin takes care of the details of your life, so you can get back to what you care about most.

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Why join us?
  • We allow our customers to trade money for the most precious resource: time. This allows them to spend more time on the things that matter most to them: kids, family, friends, creative projects, higher leverage work, etc.

  • We have an incredibly smart and intellectually + technically curious team, largely comprised of Venmo and Facebook alums.

  • We believe that in the future, all work will be performed by a human+software hybrid system like Fin. Today, most knowledge work is inefficient and bespoke. You can think of the opportunity sort of like AWS for knowledge work.

Engineering at The Fin Exploration Company
Engineering team and processes

We operate on a quarterly planning cycle, where we set the high level company goals and priorities. From there, our product + engineering divides into 3 teams, each focused on a product vertical. Teams work in 1 week sprints, kicking off each week with a planning / prioritization meeting. High level business and product goals generally come from our co-founders (who you will work closely with). Product engineers drive the product and technical implementation details. Engineers are expected to have strong user empathy and product chops to make tradeoffs, eg, between polish, technical complexity, development speed.

Technical Challenges

Unlike most other (sane) startups, instead of focusing on a very small problem, we accept any request our customers make. This lends itself to extremely heterogenous work and customer demographics, making it very challenging to measure progress. We've invested incredibly deeply in metrics and have incredible data about our customers and the performance of our operations team that help guide product work, but it can be challenging at times to make sense of it all.

Projects you might work on
  • A great assistant will look at your calendar each morning, identify potential conflicts, brief you on important events, and make any last minute changes you need. Automate a daily email briefing based on a user's calendar.

Tech stack
Ruby on Rails
Elastic Search
Apache Spark

Working at The Fin Exploration Company

A good line I heard about culture is that it's what you reward. We reward intellectual + technical curiosity, independent thinking, good judgment, and team-sportsmanship (if that is a word).

Flexible Hours

Most engineers work 10-6. People with kids generally work earlier, 8-4. Some of the younger folks work 11-7.

It's not a 24x7 grind, but sometimes people will stay late to meet an important deadline.

Health Insurance

Medical + dental

401(k) Contribution

We have it, but it's probably not as good as Facebook's

Team Activities

Team Breakfasts, occasional happy hours, quarterly 'jamborees' (what we call hackathons)


My favorite perk is yoga in office 3x / week from exceptional instructors


Up to $5k for furniture

Maternal/Paternal Leave

We have it - ask about the details if interested, I don't recall the exact duration

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