The Voleon Group

East bay
51 - 100 employees
11 - 25 engineers
Private funding

The Voleon Group researches and deploys systematic investment strategies. We apply contemporary statistical methods and machine learning to investment management and predictive financial analysis. Our market neutral strategy has been trading live since 2008.

Voleon’s software engineering team builds our machine learning trading infrastructure and runs the market simulations that test the accuracy of our prediction models. All of our software is home grown, and building a strong engineering team is essential to our success.

Why join us?

  • Small startup culture with big-company stability — Currently our software organization is very young compared to the rest of our company. The team exists as a 10-person start-up within our 70-person firm. Unlike a traditional startup, however, Voleon maintains steady revenue streams, and our engineers face other, larger functional groups, including both our trading and operations teams and our world-class machine learning researchers. The small size and high selectivity of the team offer ample opportunities for leadership and growth.

  • Great engineering culture with a focus on learning — Our team members come from all over the world and have a wide variety of professional and academic backgrounds. They range from high school graduates to PhDs with extensive publication records. In our engineers, as in our candidates, we value the ability to learn a new skillset over the possession of any current specializations. All of our engineers are strong generalists with a deep appreciation of engineering best practices, and few had previous experience in the finance industry before joining Voleon.

Engineering at The Voleon Group

Technical Challenges

We are working with machine learning and statistics researchers to build ML pipelines; improving our low-latency online trading system; and solving our complex distributed computing and distributed storage problems.

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