Backend Software Engineer (Bellevue)

Seattle, WA, United States


Role Location

  • Seattle, WA, United States


11 - 25 people


10400 Ne 4 Th St
Bellevue, WA, 98004, US

Tech Stack

  • Flask
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Python
  • MySQL
  • BigQuery
  • Google Cloud
  • Elastic Search
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • GKE

Role Description

Threadloom is looking for an experienced backend software engineer.

You will have your fingers in every product we deliver to our 100 million-plus endusers. You will own the design and build of our APIs that support our frontends (search, newsletter generation, web portals) and those that move data from our customers into search indexes, and machine learning pipelines. You may also lead development of all production cloud systems and scaling our data pipelines from 50 qps to 100s of qps.

The ideal candidate for this role is passionate about connecting services together to build high-performing products for the end-user. This person is also comfortable moving around the software stack on new cloud technologies. They are also excited about scaling and optimizing servers, and connecting this work directly to products that impact millions of users.




Launching products people love, at scale Building scalable backends, RESTful web services and APIs Optimizing server performance Deploying production cloud services (Google Cloud / AWS)



5+ years of relevant work experience Designing and implementing data pipelines and warehouses Client integration experience Developed engineering processes for continuous integration and continuous deployment Email campaign management Search indexing, ranking Responsive frontends iOS/Android development


Python Java PHP JavaScript C#

More information

We are a collaborative team of creative, resourceful, and humble engineers who believe in solving real-world problems. We care about our work and about each other. Our projects include web services, machine learning, search backends, email marketing, apps, and more. We move quickly, operate without ownership boundaries, and collaborate on strategy and product priorities.

We're looking for teammates who: care about building products that make the world a better place; play well with others and communicate thoughtfully and respectfully; eagerly dive in to creatively tackle supposedly unsolvable problems; and never stop learning and enjoy sharing with others.

Learn more about what it's like to work at Threadloom at

About Threadloom

We believe the Internet is broken. It has never been easier to create content but ads and clickbait dominate search results and feeds, creating noise and confusion. Why does it feel increasingly difficult to find and follow what you care about?

Threadloom is developing a new quality signal to rank and route content. We connect users to high-quality information on the topics they're interested in, and to others who share those interests.

We use online forums to find healthy communities across all topics and provide services to help them grow; and use machine learning to identify the best topics and experts.

Company Culture

Healthy work

  • We believe our most creative and focused work comes from a place of peace, rest, and safety.

  • We intentionally seek to build a culture that promotes long-term health and happiness.

Healthy relationships

  • We treat our customers, our partners, and each other with respect.

  • We support each other’s commitments to family and community.

  • We learn from and help each other.

Healthy impact

  • We seek to create long-term value through meaningful experiences for our customers, our communities, and our world.
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