Remote, sf
11 - 25 employees
< 10 engineers
$5m - $10m funding
Pre-series a

A healthy business means progress, security, and sustainability. When a business lacks financial discipline it hurts – layoffs, salary cuts, underwater options – we've all experienced this in some way or another. At Trace, we believe financial discipline is a core principle of business and employees should trust in how their company manages its finances. Trace's products instill trust by helping people make faster and smarter financial decisions, ensuring compliance, and providing efficient and scalable operations.

Our solution is the first Finance Service Management platform – powering how Finance teams work with their business partners. With Trace, teams can manage their budgets, make purchases, plan new hires and track their performance. We help leading Finance teams scale more efficiently and become better business partners.

We're building the future of Finance with people who are friendly, bright, and passionate.

Why join us?

  • Proven team with senior leadership and subject-matter expertise. Mike our CEO was VP of Finance at Zenefits; Martin managed multiple Product and Engineering teams at Box.

  • We raised from some of the best investors in the world.

  • Large software market $35B+ and larger B2B payments market $90B+. Every company struggles with its spending management. Information is scattered in spreadsheet exports, endless email threads, contracts in employees' folders, bank statements, etc. Without visibility, it's hard to feel accountable. This is a problem every company has, and this is what we want to solve with you.

  • Experience building and launching products at scale and successful exits in the past.

  • The first 10 employees set the culture and have an incredible influence on the business.

  • Significant equity ownership.

Engineering at Trace

Engineering team and processes

We want to bring you and other talented engineers to make a big impact. Martin previously led multiple engineering teams at Box. We leverage the same best practices that you can find in other great companies in the valley (code reviews, 1-on-1s, performance reviews, etc.).

Technical Challenges

There's a large variety of problems to solve. To name a few:

• how to keep our Single Page Application ultra-responsive and fast to load,

• how to structure our API to keep the various services decoupled, easy to understand, secured, and performant.

• how to store the company financial data so that it can be digested and presented in reports that are flexible, fast to load, etc.

• how can you leverage the collected data to provide more value to our customers (think machine learning and AI to do things like invoice and contract analysis, vendor recommendation, and data anomaly detection)

• how do we monitor and manage our infrastructure and keep it secure?

Tech stack

Working at Trace

• Make work you're proud of: we solve hard problems and we build for leverage.

• Have the hard conversation: We believe in direct, frank, and open communication. Access to the right information is critical to the success of the individual, team, and company.

• Be the person you want to work with: someone who’s able to listen carefully to your thoughts, who’s solving for the team, who’s technically impressive, and who behaves like an owner.

Perks & benefits
Our Team by the Numbers

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