Sf, silicon valley
101 - 250 employees
26 - 50 engineers

Through TractionCo, you'll be working with Apple to develop an internal presentation tool which has a desktop application and mobile application that communicate with each other. While the project will never be external to Apple, it’s a very high-profile internal Apple project, which will influence the design of

Engineering at TractionCo

Technical Challenges

-This development project involves an iOS and macOS application interaction. Due to the confidentiality of the content in these applications, there can be no server or cloud hosting of assets - everything must stream in real time between applications. Video compression and latency reduction one of the challenges, along with creating interfaces which are clean and clear enough for consumption by design-focused staff at Apple. -Since the frameworks and architectures are standalone and self-sufficient, there is little technical constraint (or guidance) for the engineers to use here - finding their own best solutions will be of primary importance.

Tech stack

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