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We're an enterprise platform for trade and professional associations. We help them manage their operations and engage their members so that they can better serve their purpose: facilitating growth and helping their industries.

Why join us?

  • Trade and professional associations are a $25B+ industry and are badly in need of a modern software platform.

  • Our team is fantastic. Our co-founders both come from technical backgrounds (one from Facebook working on the linux kernel, the other from Blackstone). The other team members come from Apple, Zynga, and Uber.

  • We've put together an incredible team of advisors who have all built successful companies before, and our investors are very experienced building this type of business (8VC).

Engineering at Tradewing

Engineering team and processes

At Tradewing we have a deep respect for the craft of software engineering. We believe in empowering each of our engineers to take end-to-end ownership over the features they work on - leveraging their knowledge of our codebase, our customer, and our business to deliver quality features at a fast pace. Each cycle starts with the engineering product/team syncing on which features to tackle next. Each engineer shares their design vision for the feature, as well as any potential architectural considerations to get feedback before diving in. We'll usually do a final round of product design feedback before landing the code.

Technical Challenges

As a foundational member of the engineering team, you will be responsible for building abstractions into the codebase to help future engineers be maximally productive. We don't believe it is possible to future-proof a rapidly changing codebase, but we place a lot of value in code quality. Managing the tension between iteration speed and quality software design is the one of the most difficult technical challenges at our company.

For example, every single one of our engineers has landed upstream commits to the open-source GraphQL framework we use. Enhancing our fork and upstreaming these changes requires all of our engineers to develop a deep technical understanding of modern tools like GraphQL, but this challenge is also one of the most rewarding parts of our engineering culture.

Projects you might work on
  • You would design and implement our membership management module. Our customers are associations that have super complex membership structures consisting of overlapping businesses, employees, and individuals. The existing platforms are basically SQL databases that make managing these records a nightmare. Help us deliver a modern solution that makes this process a breeze!

  • You would design an enterprise-grade reporting module to help our association customers gain deep insights into their member base.

  • You would help design reusable tools for querying and displaying complex data-tables so that future engineers can move at lightning-fast speed!

Tech stack

Working at Tradewing

We're a group of swing-dancers, chess players, musicians, outdoors-people, and Raj.

Perks & benefits
  • Health Insurance
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