Software Engineer, Backend

East Bay, CA, United States, Los Angeles, CA, United States, New York, NY, United States, Remote, Seattle, WA, United States, San Francisco, CA, United States, Silicon Valley, CA, United States


Role Locations

  • East Bay, CA, United States
  • Los Angeles, CA, United States
  • New York, NY, United States
  • Remote
  • Seattle, WA, United States
  • San Francisco, CA, United States
  • Silicon Valley, CA, United States


26 - 50 people


832 Sansome St
San Francisco, CA, 94111-1548, US

Tech Stack

  • Node.js
  • React
  • GraphQL
  • Docker
  • PostgreSQL
  • Webpack
  • AWS
  • Terraform
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript

Role Description

About Transcend:

Transcend believes everyone should be in control of their personal information. We’re pioneering Data Privacy Infrastructure—a powerful technology that lets individuals reclaim control of their data and ensures companies can easily comply with global data privacy laws.

Our platform enables companies like Robinhood, Patreon, and Indiegogo to provide customers with control over their information. We allow these customers to request, identify, and delete their personal information from a growing suite of integrated companies: from Salesforce to Slack, Facebook, Zendesk, Intercom, and beyond.

About the Role:

As a Software Engineer on the Integrations Team, you will help us build and maintain the platform that connects to third-party data systems and track down personal data within them.

To connect to these 3rd party systems, we've created an application called Sombra to encrypt data end-to-end and make sure that only our customers (Groupon, Robinhood) and their end users see the decrypted data. You'll work closely with this application and build integration-related features on top of it.

Our team goal is to expand our catalog from hundreds of integrations to thousands. Basically, we have to figure out how to build integrations faster and more reliably. To help us with this goal, you'll be tasked with:

  • Optimizing our deployments (we're aiming for continuous deployment!)
  • Devising better testing strategies so that we can catch bugs before they hit production
  • Help build our integration catalog

Most importantly, your work will be instantly impactful. By contributing to our ever-growing catalog of integrations, you’ll be expanding basic privacy rights for people everywhere.

What You'll Do:

  • Collaborate and contribute on projects like continuous deployment and versioning 3rd party integrations
  • Work on streamlining the process of building and maintaining integrations
  • Work and deploy features requested from customers

Who You Are:

  • You enjoy being a generalist and you enjoy working across the stack — frontend, backend, and infrastructure.
  • You have expertise with Node, JavaScript, and/or TypeScript. We love types, and while you don't have to be a Typescript expert from the start, a demonstrated ability to quickly learn and become proficient in typed languages is crucial.
  • You have significant experience working with HTTP APIs, REST and GraphQL
  • You know how to ship production-ready code. You should know what to log, what metrics to capture, what alerts to setup.
  • You are able to pick up large, somewhat open-ended problems and run with it
  • People come to you for help or assistance with technical concepts
  • You tend to keep working on problems long after others might have given up
  • Take initiative to proactively fix production and development issues

Bonus Points:

  • You have knowledge of Terraform/AWS Lambdas/Serverless framework
  • Contributed to Open Source Software

About Transcend

Transcend builds Data Privacy Infrastructure, which gives individuals control of their data and helps companies comply with global data privacy laws.

We’re backed by Accel & Index, growing fast, and are serving some of the most iconic brands in the world.

Transcend is a small but mighty team, hiring the brightest people in our field. We believe in building an ambitious team that’s passionate about solving difficult but important problems, and having fun while doing it!

Company Culture

A “day in the life” at Transcend is admittedly in a state of change. Transcend moved into its own office in January and is hiring fast. The company culture continues to form, and our early team will play a big part in influencing it. That said, some things have crystallized: we’re strongly mission-driven, serious about the outcome of our product, and we have built a team based on transparency and trust.

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