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$2M - $5M Funding
Pre-Series A

Transform is a video chat app powered by AI that lets you present as your ideal self. Turn any photo of yourself into a look that you can use to represent yourself in video chat. Or just design your own synthetic face & use that. Plus, our network uses 1000x less bandwidth than regular video calling, so billions more people can access it.

Our goal is to eliminate camera anxiety & reduces social inhibitions so that you can focus on being present instead of worrying about how you look.

More privacy –> greater intimacy

Transform photo 1 Transform photo 2

Why join us?
  • Our team includes ... - co-founder of Dishcraft Robotics ($100M+) - co-founder of Periscope (acquired by Twitter) - co-inventor of MPEG & Bluetooth standards

  • 25% of our engineering team is female. Because we're in the business of synthesizing people's identities, we treat diversity as a strategic priority.

  • Backed by $2.8M from Founders Fund, @Naval, Cyan Banister & Remote-First Capital

Engineering at Transform
Engineering team and processes

Our engineering team operates a weekly cadence. We meet twice per week, on Mondays and Thursdays to discuss features, time estimates, blockers and how we are feeling. Each engineer owns a part of the codebase and a specific set of problems.

Technical Challenges

We're running state of the art machine learning models on mobile devices in real-time. We also transfer the real-time input data for these models using a peer-to-peer architecture between devices. All of this needs to happen in less than 50ms.

Projects you might work on
  • You would be building our iOS app completely from scratch.

  • You would be building an image segmentation neural network model to remove backgrounds from video.

  • You would be implementing our backend completely from scratch, including an API for the iOS app and the P2P data relay service.

Tech stack

Working at Transform

The #1 trait we look for in candidates is intellectual fearlessness. People who attempt to do things that their resume says they're unqualified to do, things that would would scare normal people in their position. People who punch above their intellectual weight class.

We don't care where you went to school or what you studied (or didn't study). We don't care if you have a PhD from MIT or you dropped out of high school. The only things we will judge is your attitude and your ability to do the work. In fact, given equivalent skills, we're usually more impressed by the self-taught candidate than the credentialed one.

This isn't out first rodeo as startup founders. We've set out to create a very intentional, high-performance company culture. We try to practice good self-care, and encourage employees to do the same.

Expect high standards, hard work and minimal stupidity.

Diversity & inclusion (gender, age, class, politics, ethnicity) isn’t just a nice thing we talk about, it’s a strategic priority because of the product we're building.

Generous Vacation

Unlimited vacation. 2 weeks minimum.

Flexible Hours

We're remote-first. There's no office, so we don't care when or where you work as long as you do great work and attend a handful of required meetings.

Health Insurance

Blue Cross PPO Gold + Dental Insurance: 99% paid for by the company for you + dependents.

Work from Home

We are a 100% remote-first company. Either work from home or rent a WeWork. Get a $2,500 stipend to spruce up your home office.

Company Retreats

In lieu of an office, we hold in-person on sites every 4-6 weeks at travel destinations like Newport Beach, Lake Tahoe & Jackson Hole.


Generous equity. Expect to be a significant owner.


We give our employees $150 per month to cover their gym / training / classes.

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