11 - 25 employees
< 10 engineers
$10m - $25m funding
Series a

Transposit is a zero-ops platform that brings the power of a relational database to the ecosystem of APIs. Transposit’s relational engine translates SQL into optimized execution against APIs. Developers produce composable APIs that can be shared and reused. They get to focus on their core application logic rather than the considerable grunt work of composing APIs.

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Why join us?

  • The mission. APIs are everywhere. Developers have more power than ever, but they spend less of their time wielding that power. At Transposit you'll be helping your fellow developer, being the foundation under their great ideas and products.

  • Great board. Great leadership. Founders pair consumer scale (Apple, Google, Twitter) with enterprise focus (Solaris, DTrace, Oracle, Delphix). The investors feature developers, Stanford GSB lecturers, operators, and entrepreneurs.

  • Build code you're proud of with a great team. Come to learn and to teach.

Engineering at Transposit

Engineering team and processes

Flat. We're a small company; devs report to the CTO. Both CEO and CTO are developers... but know that their jobs aren't to be deep in product code. We believe in having process that matches the task, not tasks that match the process.

Technical Challenges
  1. We're taking a decades old paradigm of the relational database, and applying it an entirely new substrate: SQL for APIs. This carries a ton of challenges and opportunities for amazing optimizations and functionality.
  2. Developers use Transposit to build their apps. We get to help them discover APIs, and help build as fluidly as possible
Projects you might work on
  • We embed JavaScript execution within our Java stack. We had been using Nashorn, but encountered some significant shortcomings (and it was being EOL'ed). We had an engineering project to migrate to GraalVM — the new hotness.

  • An early incarnation of our product has a simple subset of SQL. We translate that into a custom interpretation and execution engine. A very cool project was adding SQL JOIN support. Lots of PL and systems intricacies.

  • Transposit lets developers build applications that they then share with other users. We had a project to introduce custom subdomains to host these projects that had implications around security, interaction, infra, etc. We learned some neat tricks around DNS, AWS Route53, and Nginx.

Tech stack

Working at Transposit

We're pragmatists, and highly user-focused. We prefer the completed solution over the perfect solution; and then we learn and make a better solution. We believe in work/life balance. We love our work and work hard, but it's uncommon that we work harder than we want to—heroics have to be rare. We take lunch very seriously. Seriously.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    Get your work done and take the time off you need.

  • Work from Home

    Every Tuesday

  • Beautiful Office

    Gallery building; space formerly occupied by architecture firm; big windows that look onto Market St. in SF.

  • Health Insurance

    Included for you; 90% for spouses/partners; included for kids.

Our Team by the Numbers

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