Travel and Transport

501+ employees
11 - 25 engineers
Private funding

At Travel and Transport, our job is to guide you through this fast-paced environment, ensuring your corporate travel program is running smoothly and efficiently while your business travelers receive the best in customer service and security. We work with you to navigate challenges, set goals for improvement, and implement solutions for continuous, long-term success.

“Your business travelers have resources to turn to, no matter where they are.”

Founded in 1946, Travel and Transport is proud to serve clients throughout the world.

The travel industry is an exciting and ever-changing environment. It is in a constant state of evolution. Every day there are new technologies, expanded destinations, additional regulations and a barrage of new challenges. In order to navigate this evolving landscape successfully, we always start with a traveler-centric approach to creating solutions. What are our client’s business objectives and goals? How can we align with their goals and our expertise to serve as a partner to maximize travel programs now and into the future? We welcome you to join us in answering those questions together. •We believe as employee-owners we are empowered to make decisions that will positively impact our clients, our team and the future of our industry. •We take pride in our role as navigators and travel experts. We chart a course for success; piloting our clients through an exciting and ever-changing travel environment. •We hire employees that are exceptional at what they do. As owners we are not afraid to strive for greatness. •Wherever you’re going, Travel and Transport will be there to help.

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Why join us?

  • Entrepreneurial team with resources and reach of a well-established, global company.

  • High profile projects focusing on next generation AWS platform.

  • High degree of personal responsibility and platform leadership with ability to influence and guide cloud strategies.

  • A dynamic, energetic environment where new ideas and approaches are given the support they need to succeed.

Engineering at Travel and Transport

Engineering team and processes

We follow a lightweight Agile process, and enjoy side-by-side design and coding sessions to solve problems. We seek to minimize meetings and be available for each other throughout the day. We're a fairly flat organization with leadership roles assigned by expertise, and teams that form and disband based on the project requirements. We're organized underneath the Chief Innovation Officer. Flexible work schedules and locations are part of our travel culture.

Technical Challenges

As a global platform, we leverage instantly scaling, stateless processes to adapt to highly dynamic loads. Real-time data streams are driven by bookings (hotels, planes, cars, trains) sourced from multiple Global Distribution Systems and Online Booking Tools.

Large travel-related data sets drive inquires around risk mitigation, privacy, spend optimization, data custody, and true preferences; such data must be actionable with minimal delay. Push messages, deep logging and analysis, and event queues play an important role in our decoupled designs.

Our solution's ability to respond to real-time threats from natural and man-made disasters are continuously tested. We are constantly challenged to embrace continuous failure as a design feature.

The GraphQL interface backed by a microservice architecture has offered innovative and easy ways to consume the event stream. We're always looking for what comes next.

Projects you might work on
  • Real-time, event-driven data synchronization between multiple parties where data ownership is banded and global.

  • Multi-region deployment of AWS services based on configurable customer preferences.

  • Behavior analysis based on past travel patterns to categorize travel classifications and present insight into future travel policy needs.

  • Express interface for mapping data between internal and external targets.

  • Using Amazon Elastic Search provide a real-time view of impacted itineraries filtered by various profile elements.

Tech stack
Microsoft SQL Server
AWS Lambda

Working at Travel and Transport

The core of any great service is the people providing it. Being 100% employee-owned means our employees have a vested interest in the success of our company and its customers. This allows each of our employees to have a voice within the company, as well as personal empowerment to provide the ultimate customer service.

Perks & benefits
  • Health Insurance
  • 401(k) Contribution
  • Work from Home

    We offer flexible work arrangements based on project and team responsibilities.

  • Travel

    As a travel company, we have the inside scoop on travel, whether it is for business or just a personal get-away. There are even opportunities to win free global travel.

  • Flexible Hours

    Our team is results oriented and we seek to work the way people find themselves most productive. Most teams agree find a happy medium with a 10 am to 2 pm daily overlap.

Our Team by the Numbers

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