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$2M - $5M Funding
Pre-Series A

We remove the forms, hassle, and jargon from personal lines of insurance (e.g. home and auto) to make it fast, simple, and easy for all of us get the right coverage with the best value.

We do this with elegant, modern software and API's that make it safer and easier for anyone to share private insurance information and for developers to replace complex and effortful user journeys with personalized, delightful experiences.

In the market for personal lines of insurance, where $25+ billion are spent each year just on marketing and distribution, this is a very big deal. If you have car insurance, you can try our demo at

Why join us?
  • Trellis is backed by Top VC's (e.g. General Catalyst, NYCA).

    Trellis is led by Daniel Demetri, who has previously led two fintech start-ups to successful exits: 1) Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of States Title, which in 2019 completed a nine-digit merger ($100's of millions), 2) Head of Product Management of Earnest, from Series Seed through Series B, which then sold in a nine-digit exit to a publicly traded company. Daniel previously graduated from Google's Associate Product Manager program and earned a BA in Computer Science from Harvard University.

  • Trellis is a small, fast-paced team, where we all get a lot done by everyone wearing many hats. We are intensely pragmatic, kind, and energetic. We have a strong culture of execution driven by Grit, Focus, Collaboration, Extreme Ownership, Curiosity, and Honesty. We have team members who are 100% Remote, and that's 100% OK. We collaborate via a kanban board, hold daily stand-ups, chat ad hoc via Slack and Google Meet, and continually evolve our process, decisions, and platforms. We are dedicated to preserving a working environment that rewards inclusion, mutual respect, and an appreciation for our users', our partners' and each other's fundamental humanity.

  • Our product and business model are analogous to a proven model of success (Plaid recently attained a $3+ billion valuation), for a massive industry ($25+ billion are spent each year, just on marketing and distribution of home and auto insurance), with zero competition (no one else is doing anything like what we're doing).

Engineering at Trellis
Engineering team and processes

Our MVP was developed by ex-Google friends of the CEO's on a contract basis. We just signed our first pilot customer and are now looking to upgrade to a full-time team of 3-4 full-stack engineers + 1 BD leader + the Founder/CEO. Everyone else (e.g. Design) is on a part-time contract.

You can expect specs at a medium weight level – enough details that you don't constantly have questions, but not so heavy that it reads like terrible pseudocode. Everyone in the company is expected to be fluent, familiar, and passionate about the Product. Thus, anyone can write tickets, and everyone can participate in grooming and prioritizing our backlog. We keep track of epics and tickets in Gitlab, hold a weekly backlog grooming, maintain prioritized tickets in a kanban fashion, limit WIP, and sync via a daily stand-up and ad hoc Slack and Google Meet conversations.

We use merge requests to conduct code reviews. All engineers are empowered to push code to production, which we often do multiple times a day. We don't have a staging environment and instead use feature flags.

Technical Challenges

This isn't just another CRUD application. Your challenge will be to deliver a highly-available service on top of a dynamic collection of third-party data sources (e.g.'s consumer-facing web portal) whose priority is anything other than making your job easy. Explore the limits of your own resourcefulness by designing human and automated systems that deliver true reliability in an otherwise unpredictable environment.

Projects you might work on
  • Build a framework that allows us to task a Ukrainian development team with building a scraper for using access to a select set of Nationwide user credentials in our database, but without getting access to any other user credential records.

  • Implement a user experience for the circumstance where the insurance company's website (e.g. is down for maintenance.

  • Design and implement a feature that recovers a users's forgotten/lost login credentials without leaving our front-end widget.

Tech stack
Google Cloud

Working at Trellis

Gritty/Resilient, Collaborative, Ownership Oriented, Curious, Honest, Empathetic, Inclusive. We value effort, capability, and cultural contribution.

Generous Vacation

Unlimited vacation. Mandatory minimum.

Flexible Hours

Just be available on Slack and Google Meeting at least 10am-3pm PT. Other than that, it's all about output.

Company Retreats


Health Insurance

We plan to offer full medical and dental.

Work from Home

WFH / Remote 100% if you like.


We plan to offer a gym/fitness credit.


Commuter benefits available.

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