Head of Engineering

East Bay, CA, United States, San Francisco, CA, United States, Silicon Valley, CA, United States


Role Locations

  • East Bay, CA, United States
  • San Francisco, CA, United States
  • Silicon Valley, CA, United States


51 - 100 people


301 Howard St Ste 700
San Francisco, CA, 94105-6604, US

Tech Stack

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Redis
  • PostgreSQL
  • React
  • Python
  • Tensorflow

Role Description

Triplebyte is hiring a Head of Engineering. Demand for software engineers is at an all time high, and our business is booming. Right now, we have a small engineering team. However, we plan to scale this team over the coming year as our business grows. We are looking for an engineering leader to run a fast-moving startup engineering team as we grow. The Head of Engineering will join our core leadership team and report directly to our CEO.

Our Mission We believe that ability is uniformly distributed across all people. Opportunity to work as a software engineer, however, is very much not. Our mission is to fix this by increasing access to programming jobs. We are broadening the distribution of opportunity.

We do this by building a job search platform that puts engineers in control. On Triplebyte, engineers aren’t judged on what school they went to or what’s on their resume; they are hired (from any background) based on the skills they have. Engineers aren’t ghosted by recruiters; they get actionable feedback to help them learn and improve even if a company does not make an offer. Engineer aren’t spammed by low relevance messages from recruiters; they have tools to find the jobs that they are interested in.

We are a recruiting platform in the same space as LinkedIn or Indeed. However, we build our product for engineers, not for the companies hiring engineers.

The Potential Software engineering is one of the fastest growing jobs in the United States, and (post-COVID) demand for engineers is at an all-time high. There are over half a million unfilled programming roles in the country right now. However, US colleges and universities only graduate approximately 50k computer sciences students every year. This does not come close to satisfying this demand.

The solution is to look beyond traditional background and credentials. Companies know they need to do this, but they struggle to figure out how. This is where Triplebyte comes in. It’s one of those rare points where we have the opportunity to help BOTH sides of a marketplace, and unlock billions of dollars of economic value. We build a job search platform that puts engineers in control, we help engineers from all backgrounds access jobs, and we help companies fill the other 450,00 open roles every year.

The Role As Head of Engineering, you would have the following responsibilities:

Build and maintain a positive, productive engineering culture as the team scales. Mentor and develop engineering employees. Partner with product to hit company goals. Grow the team by hiring the best engineers you can find (of course, that’s easier here because you have unlimited access to our platform) Be chief engineer. Make or delegate core architecture decisions. Represent engineering in the leadership team (and board meetings) Requirements The only requirement for this role is experience leading a team of engineers at a startup. (We don’t put much stock in credentials or lists of 15 job requirements.)

Reasons To Join Why should you join Triplebyte? Four reasons:

What we are doing is important. We help self-taught programmers get in the door at companies like Apple and Stripe. We quadruple salaries. This is immensely satisfying. Of course, we also work with engineers from more traditional backgrounds. But even in that case, where someone works—where they will spend 40+ hours every week for several years of their life—is an important decision. We help them get more options and make a better decision.

We’re our own users. We are building a product for engineers. We are able to iterate quickly based on feedback from our team.

We are growing quickly. The number of engineers joining Triplebyte every week grew 4X over the last quarter. We play a lot of chess and chess variants, and bake sourdough bread in the office on Tuesdays! If you want to play bughouse and eat sourdough bread, join Triplebyte.

Even if your experience doesn’t match all of the above requirements, we invite you to apply anyway. We recognize that talent comes in different forms. Our business is matching engineers with their next great opportunity, regardless of background. We apply the same ethos to our internal hiring. We're looking for a team member with enthusiasm and the ability to do the job, not a perfect resume.

About Triplebyte

Triplebyte is transforming the way software engineers are hired. Our mission is to build an open, valuable and skills-based credential for all engineers. This is important because millions of people have skills (and deserve good jobs), but don’t fit the profile that recruiters seek. We aim to cut out that noise by matching opportunities to people who have the skills to succeed in them - regardless of their background.

Companies like Apple, Facebook, Dropbox and American Express trust Triplebyte’s technical assessment to identify the best engineers for their open roles and reduce the time and effort it takes to hire them.

We raised a $35 million Series B and our team of 52 is growing.

Company Culture

We have a laid-back, friendly office culture. Over lunch you'll often find us discussing the latest in technology, books, and pop culture, and then maybe getting in a quick game of chess or babyfoot (foosball).

Since we're an early-stage company, we move fast, and it's important that each member of our team is able to take ownership of projects by defining problems, brainstorming solutions, and running experiments.

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