Silicon valley
501+ employees
101 - 250 engineers
$100m+ funding
Series d

TruePill is a B2B Pharmacy-as-a-Service that enables digital health businesses to ship medications nationwide. We provide pharmacy fulfillment through an easy to use API integrated with our fulfillment center in Hayward, California. Our customers include digital health, direct-to-consumer telehealth, and hardware companies that need medications sent to their patients.

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Why join us?

  • We have grown rapidly in the last 18 month from a team of 3 developers to 8 developers and over 100 pharmacy workers. Despite our small team development team, we have been punching above our weight to support all of our pharmacy staff along with our growing customer needs.

  • We believe the diversity of projects we take on is what makes us unique.

    1) Node/React/GraphQL stack for our customer facing dashboard. Node for our customer facing APIs.

    2) Flask app for managing a fleet of Zebra printers. to manage a fleet of headless raspberry pi's that manage a number of processes within our pharmacy operations.

    3) A series of robotic conveyor belt systems that automatically scans and seals pouches containing medications that are getting shipped.

    4) A checkout experience to power medication purchasing flows for some of our B2B customers.

  • We are just getting started scaling up our engineering team and this is a chance to join a very early stage engineering team where we have already demonstrated product-market fit and traction with our current growth.

Engineering at Truepill

Engineering team and processes

Our philosophy is that anyone can work on any part of out technology stack. Additionally we believe strongly is choosing the right stack/technology/tool for the job.

Our engineering processes are very lightweight. We do a daily standup to get everyone on the same page as far as what everyone is working on and what they might be blocked on. We do a weekly or bi-weekly sprint planning meeting where we talk about the following week or months sprints and projects that need to be tackled.

Technical Challenges

We ship out thousands of medications a day driven by out set of technologies and tools. Our biggest technical challenges are:

1) Ensuring 100% accuracy at all times. If our code prints the wrong shipping label out because it matched the wrong order to a wrong patient, this ultimately trickles down to a patient not getting his/her medication on time. Creating processes and moving at a really fast pace while upholding this quality requirement is technically very challenging.

2) We have to scale our business with the right balance of human labor and automation. We can always hire 20 more people to pack, but eventually we will need software and robotic aid.

3) We are bringing RESTful APIs to an industry that traditionally uses fax and handwritten communication.

Projects you might work on
  • We are moving from a monolith code base to a microservice oriented architecture. We need you to take our customer facing APIs and move them to a service oriented architecture while making them more robust and scalable.

    In addition to migrating the APIs to a new service, we need a good test suite for our customers to play around with our API endpoints and be delighted by the ease of use of our documentation.

  • Building automated processes and sanity checks to catch human errors in the fulfillment process.

  • One of our customer's major pain points is keeping track of their inventory and what they have on hand in our warehouse. We are building a light-weight Warehouse Management Solution to give them insight into all of their inventory in real time. When an order leaves our doors, they know in real time what items were used and what their current inventory levels are.

  • We manually scan packages to mark them as Left our facility so we should build a conveyor belt system with an overhead scanner that automatically does this.

  • A large doctor's office and surgical center with multiple location in the country wants to get into telehealth and telemedicine and start dispensing medications through us. They have no technology team so we want to build them the flows and web assets they needs to power an end-to-end experience. Because building this means more prescriptions for us and more prescriptions means more revenue!

Tech stack

Working at Truepill

Our team has a lot of fun working together. We have these now famous quarterly potlucks across the company to celebrate different milestones.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    Unlimited vacation policy.

  • Free Food

    We try to provide as many free snacks as you desire!

  • Health Insurance

    We provide full medical coverage for full time employees

  • Flexible Hours

    Most of our engineers are in the office 10am-5pm but we are very flexible on the hours you choose to work as long as everyone is able to get their work done. If you need to work from home sometimes, that's fine too.

  • 401(k) Contribution

    We will be rolling out a 401K benefit by the end of 2018

  • Team Activities

    Company-wide potlucks, basketball shooting competitions, team lunches, and happy hours.

Our Team by the Numbers

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