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We're building a LinkedIn 2.0 where user profiles are based on credible recommendations, much more curated, above and beyond schools, jobs, and a resume.

Users recommend people they trust by answering questions like Who would you hack a product MVP together with over a weekend? or Who are designers you'd trust to benchmark design talent? or Who are investors that have incredible empathy for founders?, etc.

We are building the trust graph of the world: who trusts whom and in what context.

Active Roles

Why join us?

  • Mission of TrustedFor: If someone is really good at what they do, they should get a ton of opportunities irrespective of where they worked or where they went to school! Unfortunately, that's not how the world works today and we want to change that!

    Opportunities shouldn't be limited to just jobs:- We get members access to the best mentors/advisors; the best collaborators, the best teammates.

    All of that starts with making them more discoverable and highlighting what they are great at!

    Our network is invite-only today and already has thousands of Y Combinator founders, partners and engineering/product/design execs at Google, Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, Uber and top founders and investors in Silicon Valley and they've made thousands of recommendations of the best engineers, designers, founders and investors they've ever worked with!

  • We're a small no-ego/drama, high-performance team. We have lots of experience around building and shipping products

    Our engineering team has a lot of industry experience on the machine learning side as well as pure software engineering. The team has also worked at large companies like Google as well as early-stage startups and as a result, it is a rare opportunity to get the experience of an early-stage startup without the dysfunction (either management or engineering) of your average early-stage startup.

    The CEO is also an ACM ICPC world finalist and has a machine learning PhD from University of Michigan.

  • We are backed by the best. TrustedFor is funded by Y Combinator, South Park Commons, Form Capital, Frontier Ventures and most of our angels are pioneers of social products (Part of the first 20 engineering and design team at Facebook, Head of growth at Youtube TV, Head of growth engineering at Instagram, etc)

Engineering at TrustedFor

Engineering team and processes

We are an early-stage startup and operate in 2-week sprints/cycles. Each cycle begins with a meeting to discuss what to build, time estimates for features and ends with a demo meeting where everyone can show off the work they've completed. We have short dev cycles and a good technical team; focused on getting things shipped to the user. Getting feedback from quick, scrappy MVPs lets us know what we should be building.

You’ll participate in a data-informed product design process that collects metrics and analytics while navigating the limited data that early-stage products must rely on.

Technical Challenges

We're working on 2 types of problems as of today.

1) Building product features as quickly as possible - serving a mobile-responsive, well-designed user experience that delights our users in their recommendation process and discovering the best talent.

2) Building ML systems to understand and enable trust driven user experiences.

On the product side, we need to build a lot of social features so that recommendations are fun, easy to make while still being highly credible. Our engineers influence what gets built and hence they need to have a pulse for what makes social products fun but not trivial.

On the ML side, We're working on building intelligent systems to automatically dedupe/canonicalize people/identity across Twitter/LinkedIn/email datasets.

a) ML systems to automatically figure out relevant questions (engineering/product/design/investor questions) for any user based on their work history, what they've been recommended for, their current work title/company, etc.

b) Graph-based algorithms to personalize recommendations for every user/company and question/topic. For e.g, who are the best product engineers for any given user/company: based on who has recommended them, what they've been recommended for, who are the employees of the company, etc.

As Peter Norvig says, machine learning development is like the raisins in a raisin bread: 1. You need the bread (product) first 2. It’s just a few tiny raisins but without it, you would just have plain bread.

Tech stack

Working at TrustedFor

We are focused on building one of the most valuable graphs in the world, trust graph: who trusts whom and in what context. This is an ambitious project and as a result, we are looking for people who are truly ambitious and want their work to be part of their legacy.

We value being incredibly scrappy and resourceful. We believe one can be hard working/gritty and talented/smart. It doesn't have to be one vs the other.

We don't care if you are old/young or your gender or your accent sounds funny or if you went to Stanford/MIT/another great school or about your political slant!

Put simply, we are just looking for people who are super ambitious, talented, respectful of their colleagues and think it is important to have a meritocratic world: If someone is good at what they do, we want to make sure we can get them more opportunities throughout their career!

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    TrustedFor has an unlimited vacation policy (2-week mandatory minimum)

  • Health Insurance

    We provide full medical, dental and vision coverage.

  • Relocation

    We offer a $2,000 relocation stipend and will help you move all of your furniture if you're coming from out of state.

  • Pet Friendly
  • Gym/Fitness

    We give our employees a $100 stipend every month for gym and fitness.

  • Free Food

    We offer free lunch through mealpal for every employee and also we eat lunch together everyday.

Our Team by the Numbers

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