Ultimate Tournament

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$500K - $1M Funding
Pre-Series A

We are disrupting the eSports betting industry with the Ultimate Tournament eSportsbook™️ platform, the premiere turnkey eSports betting platform in the United States. eSportsbook™️ is a white label eSports betting platform that enables play-by-play betting on 22 of the most popular eSports and over 5000 matches every month. eSportsbook™️ is entirely managed, from know-your-customer, to wallets and transfers, to customer support. We enable gaming operators to instantly deploy the most complete eSports betting platform in their jurisdiction, stylized to their requirements.

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Why join us?

  • We're paving the way for eSports betting in the United States. You'll be working on building the most intuitive and exciting betting app ever created. We are mixing complicated ideas with the simplest user interfaces, and adding in a wide variety of features so there are many opportunities to work on something you've never tried before.

  • It's not just a betting platform, but also a video game. We have profile customization items, challenges, XP and levels, and more features found in the most popular video games.

  • We're a fast growing company. We've already raised $800k in our first 5 months, and are aiming to raise far more soon.

  • Amazing equity options. Being one of the first employees gives you equity options opportunities beyond any other.

  • By being the first in you are well poised to lead mobile development at Ultimate Tournament, and make your mark on the future of our product and company.

Engineering at Ultimate Tournament

Engineering team and processes

We are loosely coupled to an agile model. We have sprints, but if you prefer a simple Kanban board that's cool too. We like to allow people to work how ever they feel they are most effective. We try to meet at least once a day as a team for a quick standup meeting.

We coordinate development and design so that backend and UI/UX are always ahead of mobile, so that mobile knows exactly what they need to do. We are an API-first company, so all development follows the structure the API team lays out.

We use the Atlassian stack: BitBucket, Jira, and Confluence. We also chat on Slack, and meet through Google hangouts to work through the harder problems. We believe that sharing obstacles early and often allows us to all tackle a problem quickly.

Because we are dealing with money in a highly regulated environment, our code (depending on the repo) has to go through a pretty lengthy review process, spearheaded by automated tests.

Technical Challenges

We deal with a lot of state updates. We handle real time updates from our data provider, and have to make decisions about bet pool state (open, closed, settled, cancelled, etc.) based on that data. Our betting interface has real time updates to betting odds, pool values, and time series charts (real time chart updates has been a fun challenge). There are also score changes, game state, live streams, and soon to be real time chat.

Due to the nature of the pari mutuel betting model we employ, we see huge bursts of traffic on a pool right before it closes, so we have to build quick scaling architecture that can handle incredible spikes in a heavily transactional activity. We work very hard to loosely couple our services and provide mechanisms for elegantly handling large traffic bursts.

We also are building real time analytics pipelines that aid us in identifying dangerous betting behavior and potential fraud. We deal with an enormous amount of data, and we aim to gain the most accurate picture of betting trends across games, states, and white label instances.

We deal with money in many forms. Not only do we have a subscription model for our VIP Pass, but we also have bank transfers, and of course, betting. You will work on displaying financial data in many forms.

Scaling highly transactional operations such as closing/settling bet pools, and placing bets, are fundamental to our success, yet we build for multi-region active-active architecture that is highly scalable. We work very hard to ensure that our system can handle 1 bet/sec or 100k bets/sec.

Projects you might work on
  • Mobile: You will get to hook in to our web socket interface to provide users real time updates for relevant events.

  • Mobile: You will be leading the charge on mobile development in its entirety.

  • Mobile: You will work on simplifying complex betting terminology and actions into easily understandable features.

  • Mobile: You'll get to work on rich animations that enhance the user experience.

  • Backend: You will work on further decoupling our core betting logic to optimize concurrency and throughput.

  • Backend: You will connect diverse flows of money in, out, and through our platform. You will also help build the analytics pipeline to aid in identifying fraud or dangerous behavior through these flows.

Tech stack

Working at Ultimate Tournament

We are radically transparent and tirelessly pursue the truth. We empower each other to be our best by constantly working together on how we can improve in our roles, and as people. We also make sure that everyone is working on something that they are passionate about and gives them lots of energy every day. We want to make sure that we are driving each other all towards the same path of building an amazing product, and an even better company. We aren't just colleagues, we are teammates.

We also like to find the fun in everything. We don't believe work always has to be super cut-throat serious, there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy even the most boring of meetings.

We are always happy to expand our skillset by taking time to learn from each other. Whether our CEO wants to learn about microservice architecture or our CTO about mobile UI/UX design, we're always happy to set aside time to share knowledge (or obtain it ourselves). We also love to see our teammates working on personal projects out side of work, as we think that is where the best learning happens.

Diversity and Inclusion

We hire globally. While we are still comprised of a team who knew themselves before the company, we are looking at hiring the best talent, where ever you may be!

We believe in the power of diversity. Tackling issues from unique perspectives allows us to build solutions we wouldn't be able to otherwise. That's why we hire globally.

We also believe that everyone is awesome in their own way, and we love to learn about what makes each other tick. We think the most interesting part of everyone is what makes them different than others.

Being a remote friendly company, we're also excited about the opportunity to bring on teammates from other countries as well!

Perks & benefits
  • Flexible Hours

    Some of us get up really early, some of us stay up really late. We all currently live in the EST time zone so as long as we can reach you during reasonable times, we don't care when you get your work done.

  • Work from Home

    We'll be getting an office real soon, but we're totally happy to have remote team members too. We've been doing it thus far and we've proven we can work effectively as a team remote.

  • Relocation

    If you want to relocate to where we put our first office, we're happy to explore helping you get there.

  • Team Activities

    We don't just work, we hang out and play games too!

  • Health Insurance

    We are setting up full insurance plans right now. They may not be ready the day you join, but we'll have it soon!

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