11 - 25 Employees
< 10 Engineers
$5M - $10M Funding
Series A

We automate the mortgage process so that buyers don't have to wait for 40 days to get a mortgage. We put our money where our mouth is and we back our customers with a full cash offer.

Active Roles

Why join us?

  • We've increased revenue by a double digit percentage every tear since founding.

  • The executive team members are all from Harvard, MIT, Columbia, and Berkeley.

  • We launched out of Y-Combinator.

  • Our growth is phenomenal and our technological vision will completely revolutionize the mortgage industry.

Engineering at UpEquity

Engineering team and processes

We give utter liberty to our engineers and everyone is encouraged to immerse themselves in the product. We don't work with a product manager but instead our engineers learn to understand the product up close so that they can make their own independent decisions as to what is best for the company. We are a young of Harvard and MIT folks and we work hard to succeed.

Technical Challenges

The mortgage industry is extremely outdated. We see that as an opportunity, not a threat. The behind the scenes process is highly fragmented, manual, and uses a lot of hard copy paper work. Our challenge is to stitch the industry together and to get rid of all the manual paper work that is slowing customers down from getting their mortgage faster and cheaper. We rely on OCR technology to help us read through many financial documents.

Tech stack

Working at UpEquity

We like to move fast and we like to have fun. We know we're going to create a successful company so we design our system to withstand high bulk of traffic. We like to have independent engineers on the team who can work quickly to solve the many problems we face at this stage of our company lifetime.

Diversity and Inclusion
Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation
  • Beautiful Office
  • Health Insurance

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