26 - 50 Employees
< 10 Engineers
$2M - $5M Funding
Pre-Series A

It is very hard to access USD or stable currency in LatAm's depreciating, and hyper-inflationary economies. We are solving that for individuals and businesses.

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Active Roles
Why join us?
  • We've grown 10x in the past ten months, went from USD 60,000 in financial operations volume to more than USD 620,000 in July. We are a pre-seed stage company, and we make +50,000 USD in net revenue. We have 9,000 MAUs and +20,000 total users growing ~30% MoM. Our compounded retention is unprecedented in consumer apps, stabilized at 40%.

  • Valiu is a company with people from more than five nationalities, all kinds of religions, creeds, cultures, sexual and personal orientations. We come from the best schools such as Harvard, London Business School, Carnegie Mellon, Babson, SCAD, and others. Our team previously worked at high positions in companies like Blackrock, Genesis, JP Morgan, McKinsey, Microsoft, IBM, Dharma, Spotify, Scotiabank, and Rappi. Some of them also worked in government institutions like the Central Bank of Colombia, the SEC, and others.

    • Staying in the know: we use the newest and most promising technologies to build and collaborate. You will always be up to date in a fast-moving world, and you will be a better professional because of that.
    • Performance coaching: we have designed a bulletproof process for all right hands to become coaches. You will have someone with the best intentions telling you how to grow and achieve your objectives. We do performance reviews at the end/beginning of every quarter and monthly follow up on the action plan.
    • Evergreen compensation in shares and salary: since day 1, we set you up on a path to increase your share compensation and salary to match your performance. We re-evaluate your increase in compensation at the end of every year on December 2nd.
    • Remote-first company: we have the best talent because we can hire anywhere. Valiu is a multicultural organization where you can learn from and learn to work with anyone globally. You have flexible working hours. We also have company trips and a process to book offices for the day.
    • High autonomy, High alignment, and increased agility: we have designed a company organization that promotes exceptional organization for self-motivated people.
    • Good ambition: we are hungry to win at every stage and product in the company. What makes us different is our mindset to do good for the world, making money and making good are not exclusive. If you are ambitious and self-motivated, you will enjoy working here.
    • Look nowhere else: we are designing the processes to help you start a product inside of Valiu, almost like starting a company that gets aligned with the general objectives. If you decide to start a company by yourself, we will put all our network at your disposal.
    • Modern policies: we have flexible and plenty of vacations. Paid parental leave for 20 weeks and remote work that promotes family time. We care about and implement racial and sex equality. We believe we live in a new era, and we are always looking to challenge the status quo.
    • Purpose beyond money: We focus on large-scale social problems with real impact if solved correctly. We love this journey, and it gives our life more meaning.
    • Your biggest challenge: intelligent people are always looking three steps ahead and trying to find formidable challenges. To achieve our vision, Valiu will constantly be in front of make or break situations, and one decision could mean success or failure. If you are a person who seeks hyper-growth personally, we think you will like being in the team.
    • We are results-driven: we will not judge you subjectively. We use objectives and key results to get aligned and measure our outcomes.

Engineering at Valiu
Engineering team and processes

For Maximum agility, autonomy, and alignment, In Valiu, we’re organized in small multi-disciplinary teams called Squads. There are 2 Squads composed of only engineers; cybersecurity and Infrastructure. Data Scientists, Backends, and Frontends form part of other Squads such as Mobile App, Compliance & Fraud, etc.

Technical Challenges

At Valiu, we are looking for people who are passionate about technology, who learn quickly and who like great challenges. We always use the latest technologies in software development. Among our main technological challenges are:

  • Build a first of its kind decentralized financial system that allows users to store Valiu dollars in a simple way with high liquidity to allow for fast cash-ins & cash-outs in all of LatAm.
  • Build an efficient, light and fast mobile application.
  • Create algorithms to find the best exchange rates between different fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies in order to ensure our users have the best exchange rates in the market.
  • Build a common interface to automate the management of bank accounts regardless of the bank, making Valiu platform-agnostic and easily integratable in any new market we expand to.
  • Build a peer-to-peer system to connect liquidity providers with users who want to move their money fast and inexpensively.
  • Develop algorithms to find the best exchange rates in Bitcoin's very volatile market. The better the algorithms we develop the better the rates we can offer and better rates imply larger market dominance and greater value for our users. Hedging ourselves from Bitcoin's volatility is also imperative as volatility makes transacting with Bitcoin very risky.
Projects you might work on
  • We will automate banking operations by integrating with different bank APIs and exposing them through a single unified API for all of them. We are also doing the same with crypto exchanges like LocalBitcoins and Paxful. With these current exchanges and some others, we are building a network of entities that can exchange different assets, like cryptocurrencies and fiat currency, at a great exchange rate and in a short amount of time. We have developed the Valiu dollar, created with a hedging system that automatically keeps a portfolio of Bitcoin Inverse perpetual swap futures (XBTUSD) equal to the amount of Valiu dollars outstanding, allowing us to hedge our Bitcoin price risk and simultaneously maintain our Valiu dollars pegged to the USD.

  • The admin tool is the ultimate internal tool for the Valiu team. From treasury to marketing, most of our squads rely on it for some specific tasks, while some depend entirely on it, such as the operations squad. Given its broad scope and diverse use cases, the admin tool must be highly modular and scalable. In our internal tools dashboard, we recently built a predictive model based on hourly financial transaction volume to increase the efficiency in our operations desk of buying and selling Bitcoin. It was a challenging problem to solve as the Time Series model we initially built wasn’t capturing the seasonal components adequately. We transitioned from a standard Autoregression model to a Machine Learning model using XGBoost Regressor, which ended up giving us a more robust model than our naive baseline one.

  • Our mobile application is our main user-facing product. This application has to be fast, light, accessible, and very efficient to provide the best experience to anyone who wants to use it. This application is the entry point to our entire system; through it, you can send remittances from Venezuela to Colombia and also send & store Valiu dollars to anyone both in Venezuela and Colombia. We need significant engineering effort here to make our mobile app more robust and scalable, as we're planning on operating throughout all of LatAm.

Tech stack
Vanilla js
gitlab ci/cd

Working at Valiu

Our culture

*Culture is the collective behavior of everyone in the company when nobody is watching. Ben Horowitz*

Valiu only works well if we all work together towards the same goal. At Valiu, your success is only a result of the company's success (Team > Heroes), so let's work together to achieve our mission. If you see something below standard and do nothing, then you’ve set a new standard.

Our motto: ask for forgiveness, not permission.

1. We learn fast:

The best companies are the ones that learn faster, which is why we are working to develop a learning culture, one that encourages everyone to ask difficult questions and set themselves challenging goals.

2. We improve and organize every day:

It is vital that everyone on the team strives to improve themselves every day. At Valiu, we know that nobody is perfect and we understand that learning from our mistakes is what makes us better. That said, **we do have high general expectations of you and we expect that you become an expert at organizing your tasks, goals, issues, meetings, etc.

3. We apply velocity:

Without fast, constant iteration and innovation, a venture fails. We need you to be flexible, work long hours, weekends, and make sacrifices. Inform your perspectives, and adapt to new roles quickly, whenever necessary. Everyone does product QA (testing and bug reporting) at Valiu in order to move fast and ship amazing products.

Competition is for losers Peter Thiel

4. We play the infinite game:

In game theory, a finite game is one with a set of rules and roles. If we were the best financial institution in the world, our goal would be finite once we've succeeded. On the other hand, at Valiu we are building to last and competing against ourselves. We strive to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing environment.

Startup companies always die of suicide, not murder Y Combinator

5. In experiments and data we trust:

We use discovery and delivery We make smart hypotheses, we design experiments and validate quantitatively fast; then we build. At Valiu everyone should do experiments to improve their work or solve problems.

Everyone at Valiu is the growth team.

Flexible Hours

We are a remote company, but we generally start the day at 9 am CST

Company Retreats

We make yearly retreats

Maternal/Paternal Leave

We have paid parental leave for 20 weeks and remote work that promotes family time.

Work from Home

We are remote first


Psychologist anytime you need.

Generous Vacation

2-week minimum vacations and 6 weeks max. While we like the concept of unlimited vacations, we don't have time to waste. We are striving to build the largest company LatAm has seen and that requires working smart but working harder that our counterparties.


We give our team members a $50 stipend to cover for gym and fitness.

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