Back-End Engineer II

Seattle, WA, United States • $100k - $150k

Very Very Spaceship

Role Location

  • Seattle, WA, United States


$100k - $150k


11 - 25 people


3414 Fremont Ave N Ste C
Seattle, WA, 98103-8812, US

Tech Stack

  • Unity3D
  • Google Cloud
  • Java
  • C#
  • iOS
  • Android

Role Description

As a Backend Engineer, you build, maintain, and scale out backend services required for making amazing AR experiences. You are responsible for speed and availability of services and work with a team of other backend engineers to develop best practices. You are highly motivated by the success of the project and adept at quick, iterative prototypes to support experiments as well as understanding how to build for the long-term. You strive to achieve the goals of the overall player experience through the lens of security, maintainability, and cost. You understand the trade-offs of privacy through client-side work and the gains of server-side aggregation and computation.

Your primary duty is to partner with client engineers to develop effective strategies for where work is done and how. You support other departments and provide them with the information they need in a way they can understand to make their decisions.


*Build and maintain from-scratch services *Extend and support existing services *Stand-up prototype services to help drive decisions *Evaluate server technology and make recommendations on adoption *Estimate complexity of work for service implementations *Work closely with partners on service implementation, scaling, and maintenance *Collaborate across disciplines to ensure consensus and understanding of service functionality and trade-offs *Provide generic service infrastructure to support game jams and other internal side projects *Able to work effectively in ambiguous settings with minimal guidance *Detail-oriented approach to designing APIs and maintaining services

Minimum Qualifications: *3+ years working on back-end services *Experience with AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform *Experience with Java, node.js, C#, Go, or other service language/framework *Experience with WebSockets and REST APIs *Experience with SQL or other database technology *Experience with git or other source control versioning *Strong analytical and debugging skills *Understanding of design considerations of client call patterns *Ability to work well in a fluid environment as creative and technical challenges evolve *Excellent partnership and communication skills *Self-motivated, passionate and opinionated about video games *Ability to work gracefully under pressure

Desired Qualifications: *Strong interest in games and game development *Experience working on LiveOps for a mobile title *Experience building internal tooling to tune and operate client experiences *Understanding of service considerations with mobile clients *Understanding of modern service engineering practices (CI, automated deployments) *Proven track record of building and maintaining high-availability and high-scale services *Understanding of newer or emerging server and web technologies (GraphQL, React, NoSQL, Redis) *Curiosity of new industry trends and best practices

About Very Very Spaceship

Crafting out-of-this-world experiences with a motley crew of spacefaring creatives

Company Culture

Very Very Spaceship is a partner-oriented development studio providing skunk-works style development services for prominent tech companies. Partner work requires an exceptional degree of professionalism, teamwork, determination and reliability. It takes listening carefully to the expectations and needs of our partners. We earn and sustain trust by consistently delivering on our promises.

We believe we continue to collaborate on awesome projects because of our core values:

  • Achieving fun, intuitive and novel game experiences is our highest priority. Everything else is in service of this.

  • We judge our work based on how it plays and the emotional response of our players, not how good the specs read.

  • We believe in more super rapid experimentation and prototyping and less pontification.

  • We’ve found success as a crew of generalists, willing and able to jump into any task or effort with fearlessness and dedication.

  • We stay inspired as makers and are never be afraid to roll up our sleeves and get messy.

  • We are active, engaged listeners.

  • We stay positive, especially when we find ourselves in a jam.

  • We try to maximize the opportunities afforded to us to do as much good as possible.

  • Above all, we follow a principle of “Core Before More” which has taught us to focus like crazy, learning how to leverage the resources readily available and avoiding scope creep at all costs.

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