26 - 50 employees
11 - 25 engineers
$5m - $10m funding
Series a

The healthcare industry in the US is rapidly changing. Massive diagnostic data (DNA, blood, microbiome, sensors) combined with AI algorithms are allowing us to create predictive platforms that can analyze, educate and create personal health & Wellness plans for individual consumers.

In the next 5 years, smart and modern health platforms like Vitagene will give you personal plans around your diet, supplementation, skin, sleep. The platform can track what medications you are taking and what side effects it has? it can tell you if it is time to test your bio-markers and which ones? it can tell you if your diet is ideal given your microbiome, DNA and lifestyle goals. We can provide an amazing high quality healthcare advisor for free in your pocket. A smart and modern platform that is always analyzing, learning and helping you decide on all aspects of your wellness routines.

Are you passionate about helping us achieve this vision? Do you believe that food is medicine? do you think we can help people live a healthier and happier life on a daily basis? Are you pissed off that we spent $3 trillion a year on expensive medications and invasive treatment plans. While ignoring how people manage their bodies on a daily basis? Do you think it is crazy to ignore the root cause of disease which is mostly behavioral in nature and focus on treating the symptoms of the disease? if you are, then you should apply to join us.

Vitagene is the fastest growing precision health platform in the US. What is precision health? It is the science of health and wellness personalized to your specific DNA, lifestyle, goals and lab results. Vitagene is a smart and modern platform that collects massive amount of information from consumers and then helps partners deliver personal plans, products and services to its members tailored to their goals, lifestyle behavior and medical condition.

If you are having a hard time picturing it, it is because the concept has never existed in the past and we are creating a new category of a product that will be as intuitive to use as Facebook is in the social space or LinkedIn in the career space. Join and help us change the future of healthcare.

Why join us?

  • 2x in revenue and membership growth from 2017 to 2018.

  • Over 50K active profiles with DNA, lifestyle and health information.

  • The largest AI platform designed around nutritional analysis and supplementation

  • Adopted by industry partners as the standard personalization platform (GNC, others).

Engineering at Vitagene

Engineering team and processes

We have a small and high performing engineering team with a flat structure. There are daily scrums and weekly sprint planning sessions. All the business partners and product manager share a working space and there is daily communication around customer issues, operational issues, business finance and partnership opportunities.

Technical Challenges

We are solving many difficult technical challenges: a) how do you build an AI/Rule bases system around nutritional, fitness, skin and diet b) how do you capture knowledge through experts, published research and consumers c) how do you create engaging health information for consumers while establishing trust and following an evidence based scientific approach d) how to create a commerce platform while providing credible health information so that you can take consumers from content consumption to actual behavioral change e) How to personalize health content based on user profile information f) How to create a partnership framework that is respectful of consumer privacy but also enables innovative health solutions to engage consumers.

Projects you might work on
  • Next generation Vitagene AI engine implementation

  • Implementation of the Vitagene community sub system that will allow consumers to engage each other while engaging their respective trusted health professional and the ability to share information while maintain some of your health information private.

  • The creation of a third party API that allows for product offering, services, research and analytics around consumer profiles.

Tech stack

Working at Vitagene

We are a flat culture with almost no hierarchy. We respect data and want to do the right thing for our customers. We are open to suggestions and learning. No one has the right answer and we can all learn through testing and data. We want to change healthcare and are passionate about doing something that is meaningful and will have a positive impact on our community.

Perks & benefits
  • 401(k) Contribution
  • Health Insurance
  • Pet Friendly
  • Transportation
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