Silicon valley
< 10 employees
< 10 engineers
$5m - $10m funding

Our mission is to augment personal productivity with AI, so we can free people from doing repetitive tasks.

Our first product is EVA, a personal assistant you can call into a meeting. EVA records the whole conversation and is interactive so you can ask it to do things. e.g. ask it to record action items at the end of a meeting, then repeat those back to you at your next meeting.

Engineering at Voicera

Technical Challenges

1) Storing the voice conversations has big challenges of compression and data storage.

2) Security and privacy concerns are crucial, we have to build scalable infrastructure without taking any risks that could cause data to be leaked.

3) Our software has a number of different integration points (e.g. connecting to email servers, calendars, etc) and we have a number of interesting distributed systems problems to work on.

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