Voodle, Inc

26 - 50 employees
11 - 25 engineers
$5m - $10m funding

Keeps team aligned and connected with short video

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Why join us?

  • Voodle is reimagining how teams can build and share knowledge and connection using short videos. Our vision is that voodle can bring human feeling, emotion, and context into our work communications.

  • We are backed by Madrona Venture Group, Vulcan Ventures, Raine Ventures, and the corporate venture groups from Microsoft, Cisco, and Hearst.

  • We are staffed by an amazing group of people, learn more about our team here: https://team.voodle.com/home

Engineering at Voodle, Inc

Engineering team and processes

Everything we do at Voodle is customer-focused. Each new feature begins with thoughtful planning that incorporates our product vision, customer feedback, internal insight, analytics, and collaborative discussion to identify key scenarios and user stories. Our development process is inclusive, and we welcome diverse input from all members of the Voodle team—not just engineering.

User stories are turned into detailed specification documents that describe each feature in more detail. These documents become the focus of group discussions that we call Space Jams, where we talk through the architecture and technical implementation of each feature.

While members of the development team each have their own specialties, anyone can work on any aspect of our product development, and we encourage cross-pollination. Not only is this a great way to collaborate, but it also gives our developers a way to explore tools, languages, and technologies that interest them and to expand their skillset.

At Voodle, we have a value called: fail fast in public. This value promotes the ability to experiment, take risks, and innovate with an agile release schedule that puts features into the hands of testers and customers quickly, allowing for a tight feedback loop that leads to continuous and frequent product improvement. After a new set of features is released, we start the process over again, incorporating everything we learned along the way.

We use modern tools, continuous integration, and single-button deployment and rollback. We strongly prefer everything to be buildable from source, ideally in an automated fashion. We use Jira to track progress on features and bug reports.

Technical Challenges

We're building a scaleable video platform to help teams collaborate. We have interesting technical challenges in the space of video encoding/streaming, mobile and web scalability, and utilizing Google/Amazon's ML platform for transcriptions and video analysis.

Projects you might work on
  • You will be building an inclusive platform to support users on iOS, Android and web.

  • We thrive on customer feedback, so if interfacing tightly with customers and striving to make their experience as seamless as possible, then this is for you!

Tech stack

Working at Voodle, Inc

We believe a healthy, thriving culture is essential to our success, so we pay close attention and invest heavily.

It starts with knowing and embodying who we are, what we believe, and why we are here. (forest can these link back to higher sections?)

Our people = Our company. If those people are aligned and connected the chance of building something awesome goes way up.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    We have Unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO) program.

  • Company Retreats

    Annual team kickoff retreat

  • Team Activities

    Monthly team events (virtual)

  • Health Insurance

    100% Company-paid health benefits program (medical, dental, vision) for all employees and their dependents.

  • 401(k) Contribution

    A company 401k plan, which includes an up to 4% matching contribution from the company.

  • Work from Home

    Remote working program, which includes monthly allowance as well as initial home office set-up or hoteling desk fees covered.

Our Team by the Numbers

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