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Wanderlog is building tools to make leisure travel easier. We believe that travel makes us and the world better, and are trying to lower the bar to it. Our product so far is a Google Docs for planning travel and sharing recommendations.

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Why join us?

  • We've done this before. We (Peter and Harry, the founders) have built profitable travel businesses before including a flight deal aggregator called AllTheFlightDeals and a power-traveler booking tool called Book With Matrix.

  • We're well-funded and conscientious about our spend. We only plan on hiring one engineer (you!), and our runway remains well over 2 years even after hiring you. We're funded by Y Combinator and General Catalyst, 2 companies that were early backers of AirBnB, Kayak, and Hipmunk.

  • We're great engineers. We're a team from Stripe and Google who have brought the best of our past workplaces with us, and improved it! We have a Typescript and React stack including clean typings, CI, backend tests, and even front-end snapshot testing.

Engineering at Wanderlog

Engineering team and processes

We have a 4-person engineering team (including the founders) and 1 designer.

  • We run weekly sprints, and quarterly long-term planning sessions.
  • All code is reviewed, and goes through testing in pre-submit.
  • We prefer to have at least 2 people on every project, so that they can talk between each other and occasionally pair program.
Technical Challenges
  • We're building a machine learning and heuristics pipelines that scrapes extracts places from blog-posts and social media. With this, we can answer questions like what are the best fried chicken restaurants in Houston according to Reddit and my friends with not just text, but real answers.

  • We realize that travel planning needs to be both flexible (like Google Docs) and structured (like Google Maps). We're trying to combine these in a novel travel planning UI that's both.

  • We use Operational Transformation (OT) to ensure that multiple users can simultaneously edit a trip plan at once, just like on Google Docs. We're constantly expanding our data model and it's a challenge to ensure that conflicts with new data are resolved smoothly, even when users go offline and online.

Projects you might work on
  • Expand our machine learning and place extraction pipeline so it can answer more categorical questions. Today, we can find what are the best attractions in [x]. We want to be able to answer what are the best attractions in [x] for families or what are the best restaurants in [x] for vegan food.

  • Revamp our React Native UI to combine the list and map view. Currently, our app has 3 different views for your trip plan. We want to combine them into one easy-to-use view that allows you to read information about places, add your own rich-text notes, and see it on a map.

  • Find edge cases that are causing document corruption when multiple users edit a document at exactly the same moment. If you're into hard debugging that matters, there are a few (but somewhat catastrophic) cases that cause users to lose information. We want to either fix the root cause or guard against those.

Tech stack
React Native

Working at Wanderlog

Here are 5 values we have:

Travelers first We favour the consumer and will not sacrifice their interests in favour of airlines, hoteliers, and middlemen. It doesn’t matter unless our travelers find it useful

Build a great product We believe our product, not marketing or sales, is what will set us apart. We prioritize that above all else

Take initiative and ownership See something wrong that matters? Just fix it. Have an idea (even one that might seem bad or unpopular)? Bring it up

Treat coworkers like housemates Be considerate, communicative, and supportive of each other

It’s the journey, not (just) the destination Do things you’d be proud of, no matter the outcome. If you learned a lot and enjoyed doing it, that’s a great outcome of itself

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    We're a travel company. Of course!

  • Free Food

    Catered and restaurant lunches every day, plus snacks of your choice.

  • Company Retreats

    Roughly every quarter, we have a planning off-site.

  • Travel

    We have a quarterly travel stipend of $500, which we use to encourage you to travel often and dogfood our own product!

  • Flexible Hours

    10am-6pm are the usual hours, we mostly collaborate between 11am and 4pm (our core meeting hours).

  • Health Insurance

    Full medical and dental, plus 50% for dependents.

  • Transportation

    We love biking. Every employee gets a free bike or scooter!

  • Work from Home
Our Team by the Numbers

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