26 - 50 employees
11 - 25 engineers
Private funding
Exited (acquired)

Wellio was started with the goal to help people eat better. Its estimated that by 2030 almost half of the world's adult population will be overweight or obese. It will take many of us to make a change and we, at wellio, want to be part of the scalable solution.

We are developing an intelligent platform and a suite of apps to support homechefs cooking at home. Our apps allow homechefs to have a digital chef, a personal shopping assistance and nutritionist to help support them while they cook at home.

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Why join us?

  • We have been acquired by a 500 fortune company that shares our vision, has a large customer reach and has the ability to helps us grow.

  • Our leadership team has multiple successful exits in the past. Each time in a domain that was going through digital transformation just like the food industry is experiencing these days.

  • Food is a basic need people have and the population in the world is becoming less knowledgeable about what they put in their bodies. The technology world has a lot to offer to help nudge people to make better food choices but most of the focus today is on the supply chain business because changing eating habits is a harder task. We want to understand how we can use technology to impact eating behavior.

Engineering at Wellio

Engineering team and processes

We currently have two products we are developing and our engineering organization is structured accordingly. We have a team which is focused on developing our customer-facing application called MealHero and our core Platform team. The Platform team develops and maintains search and recommendations systems that empower our MealHero application.

We work very closely and believe in collaboration between our engineers as a way to grow and succeed and so we have developed a code review process using GitHub and coding standards that allow us to be effective. Our team is distributed across several continents so we encourage people to use Slack and documentation to allow for effective communication.

We employ standard scrum practices such as standups, retrospectives, and weekly sprint planning. We encourage people to demo each week their small and big wins at our team meeting . Engineers work closely with our data scientists, designers, and product managers to understand new feature requests or existing feature enhancements. Engineers are expected and encouraged to provide feedback and help scope work for themselves and others while designing possible solutions. All engineers are empowered to push code to the different development and production environments and our release process allows us to conduct rollbacks if necessary. Since we are a small team each members is truly empowered to make decisions.

Technical Challenges
  1. We are designing and building an event-driven architecture that supports both the in app experience for our consumers but also empowers our recommendation systems to be regularly retrained and improve.
  2. We have several consumers: homechefs that use our MealHero app, chefs and culinary experts that we work with that can provide feedback on our platform data products, and non-experts that can provide us with feedback on simple data products. These different end users require different experiences and can provide different information to improving our tools.
  3. Integrating with external partners with different technology stacks to empower our platform and apps. For example, integrating with supply chain companies that can help get grocery items to our customers.
  4. Creating a technology stack that gives us optionality. We are still learning about how to get the customer experience for meal planning and hence making technology choices that will allow us to pivot is an essential part of the teams responsibility.
Projects you might work on
  • Build a webapp that will allow internal culinary experts to have read/write access to our data products. Any changes these expert make need to be persisted in all of the relevant data sources.

  • Build an event driven system that will allow us to collect data for offline model training but also online recommendations.

  • Open our internal API to allow third party integration with our recommendation systems.

Tech stack
Google Cloud
React Native
Apache Spark
Elastic Search

Working at Wellio

We’re a team of smart, empirically motivated, disagreeable givers who care about making a difference in the world while having some fun.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation
  • Gym/Fitness
  • Workshops/Conferences

    We encourage our people to both attend and present in meetups, conferences and other professional development opportunities.

  • Flexible Hours
  • Health Insurance
  • Team Activities
  • 401(k) Contribution
  • Other

    Dark Chocolate

  • Work from Home

    We let our team work from home or remotely when needed. We know how to effectively work as a team even when we are not in the same space

  • Relocation
  • Pet Friendly
  • Beautiful Office
  • Maternal/Paternal Leave
Our Team by the Numbers

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