Silicon valley
26 - 50 employees
11 - 25 engineers
$10m - $25m funding
Series a

Create cutting-edge web and mobile applications for medical imaging using deep learning computer vision models.

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Why join us?

  • We are using machine learning techniques to make cancer screening more efficient and accurate. Our model is currently better at detecting cancer than many trained radiologists.

  • Our founding team includes early employees and investors at Amazon. Our research team boasts advanced degrees from Stanford University, Washington University in St. Louis, and the University of Toronto.

  • You can help build tooling and deployment to translate deep learning computer vision models into real-world healthcare products that save people's lives.

Engineering at Whiterabbit.ai

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering team works in three small groups: customer experience, data, and product (which includes infrastructure and deployment). The product is divided up into independent services on which each engineer works mostly independently. Progress is shared at short (~5 minutes) daily stand-ups just before lunch.

Technical Challenges

Our machine learning models need to handle inputs on the order of gigabytes. This means a lot of our inference needs to be locally (in the clinics) rather than in the cloud, otherwise upload times would increase latency too much to be useful. Deploying and updating our software to a large number of small, heterogeneous, geographically distributed clinics presents different challenges that to deployment to a few homogeneous data centers.

Projects you might work on
  • You would work on a team deploying trained neural networks to radiology clinics around the country.

  • You would be assisting the data science team by developing tools and systems to make their experiments more thorough and efficient.

Tech stack

Working at Whiterabbit.ai

We value forward-thinking employees who are willing to help out wherever they see the need.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    Whiterabbit has an unlimited vacation policy (subject to manager approval, of course).

  • Free Food

    Lunches are provided daily. The kitchen is fully stocked with nutritious snacks and fruits.

  • Gym/Fitness

    There is a small gym in our office complex and a shower downstairs for those who choose to bike to work.

  • Health Insurance

    We provide full medical and dental for our employees and their dependents.

  • Team Activities

    We just went to catch Ant Man followed by a class in scientific cooking and a delicious meal.

Our Team by the Numbers

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