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WorkFlowy is a fractal document that offers a simple, yet incredibly powerful way to organize information. Some of the smartest people in the world — including engineers at Open AI, Tesla and SpaceX — use WorkFlowy to manage their thinking and their work.

Why join us?

  • We're a tiny, profitable team with a big impact

    We make around $1M a year, and have a lot of money in the bank. We currently have only one engineer, and we need more to execute the vision that will take us from a popular niche product to a truly ubiquitous, mass market tool used by everyone who does knowledge work. The path is clear, and we're perfectly poised for success. We simply need to execute.

    We're a YC company, and we've got a bunch of other great investors as well. Our seed round was led by Bloomberg Beta.

  • People love our product

    WorkFlowy is one of the rare tools that people leave open all day long. It's open for an average of 11 hours a day. People write books in it, build companies in it, put literally their entire lives in it. It is incredibly meaningful to work on a product that provides so much value to its users.

    Sometimes at social gatherings, you'll sit next to someone random, mention where you work, and they'll gush, Woah! I love you guys! My whole life is in there!. This feels great.

  • You'll have a huge impact on the team

    You will be directly responsible for building the features that take us from a beloved niche product to a breakout success. We know exactly what we need to build to achieve this, we simply need to build it. This is incredibly fun stuff to work on.

    You'll also have a major role in defining the future culture of our growing engineering team.

  • Important people use WorkFlowy to do important things

    It's gratifying to see the thing you work on in the public sphere. Every day, you'll read articles in major newspapers researched and written in the product you spend your day working on (New York Times, Washington Post, WSJ), you'll use software built with our product (Slack is an example), you'll see heroes of yours casually mention using it on social media. In the engineering world, many of the smartest people around use it (people at Tesla, Space X, Open AI, to name a few). It is fun to see your work having a role in the world.

Engineering at WorkFlowy

Engineering team and processes

We work in six week chunks. At the beginning of each chunk, you have either a single new large project (usually an important feature) or a set of a few smaller projects to be shipped by the end of the period. You'll be provided an initial outline of the goals, structure and constraints of the project, and you'll work hand in hand with our product lead to fill in any blank spots. We try to ensure you have a single clear focus at any given time, and a clear connection between your day-to-day work and the bigger picture.

At the end of a six week cycle, we have two weeks of unstructured time to fix bugs, explore new ideas, tackle technical debt, reflect on improving processes, etc..

Technical Challenges

Syncing: We have a hierarchical, recursive data structure that must sync across devices, work offline across a variety of platforms, and, most importantly, not lose the information people rely on to run their lives. This systems spans the front and backends, which need to work together to make all this work.

Frontend Flexibility: We are expanding our product to handle more types of data and present data in different ways. Designing a simple yet flexible system to handle this, one which makes it easy for us to build and extend the product, is an interesting and fun technical challenge.

Projects you might work on
  • Dates, reminders & related visualizations This is our most requested feature. People often use WorkFlowy to plan large and complicated projects, and dates are critical in many situations. This project will require allowing people to easily add dates to their documents and search for dates, and will provide useful visualizations of their information relative to time.

  • Realtime synching and collaboration Our system currently has more lag than it should when synching. Additionally, it doesn't provide visual feedback as to what others are doing at the same times as the user. Adding this collaborative layer on top of WorkFlowy is part of a broader effort to build an excellent, seamless collaboration tool.

  • Smart bullets Smart bullets will allow users to create sections in WorkFlowy populated with the results of a search of some other part of their data. While simple, this will be an incredibly powerful feature that will open up whole new ways of working with our product. It will also address some of the most common issues people have when trying to use WorkFlowy in mission critical ways and on teams.

Tech stack

Working at WorkFlowy

We're animated by a love of building great things and a love of improving our skills. We want to build an amazing product that changes peoples lives, we want to do our jobs well, and we want to enjoy ourselves in the process.

Perks & benefits
  • Work from Home

    We're an entirely remote company, so you can work wherever you want!

  • Generous Vacation

    We have a flexible/unlimited vacation policy. We encourage people to take at least four weeks off each year, and to enjoy their lives.

  • Flexible Hours

    One of the benefits of being remote is that you can work when you want. We do have some regular checkins that you need to show up for, but overall you don't need to put in face time for its own sake.

  • Health Insurance

    Seems important, so we'll cover it.

Our Team by the Numbers

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