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Implementing computer vision technology into a product is hard. It’s a manual, tedious and expensive process that requires an army of PhDs, it’s very expensive at scale, hard to productize and demands to build complex infrastructure and data pipelines.

XIX builds a platform that helps developers accomplish any computer vision task with just a few lines of code, with no specific computer vision knowledge required. It removes the complexity from the process of integrating with a product, provides 44x cost improvements compared to conventional means and enables all developers to use CV technology, not just ML researchers and engineers.

Proudly backed by Y Combinator, Cabra.vc and Two Bear Capital, we help small startups, large companies and nonprofits build new products and even save lives. And we need your help.

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Why join us?
  • We didn't manage to find a company worth working for with a product worth building.

    So we've created one.

  • Well funded by top AI researches and VCs.

  • We create technology: ML models, frameworks and tools are built in-house.

Engineering at XIX.ai
Engineering team and processes

Our release cycle is two weeks. Every release consists of two weekly sprints. On Fridays, we discuss the past sprint and plan the sprint for the next week. We also carefully check our performance and velocity of sprints and iterate it. JIRA and Github are our primary tools. Every Monday we do all-hands where we sync up on what has happened past week beyond engineering, review upcoming sprint and get back to work

Technical Challenges

Our product is vertically integrated: we procure the data, run them through the zoo of custom ML models (facial recognition, object detection and classification) and then store and index them. Every step presents its own engineering challenge and more often than not we end up building our own internal tools to handle it.

Projects you might work on
  • Finding victims of human trafficking by querying the content of images

  • Face recognition, re-identification, and clustering at scale

Tech stack

Working at XIX.ai

There are several key attributes that stand out within XIX:

  1. We hire for culture first
  2. We gravitate towards hard problems and optimizing for doing the right thing vs cutting corners. We tend to sacrifice short term gain for long term impact. We love working with long-term people.
  3. Every team member can be characterized by having three traits:
    • Courage. More often than not we take on a challenge that is bigger than any individual person.
    • Curiosity. Drawing inspiration from other areas by learning new skills. Roman, CTO, just recently learned how to pick the locks, for example :)
    • Being humble.
  4. We have the company's mission, as well as, the mission for our team. We are optimizing for building the credential organization, so that when a team member leaves, the line on their CV with the work at XIX provides 10-20% premium on top of market salary.
Flexible Hours

Productivity over hours. Our team is in different time zones, so we largely optimize for the output vs hours


ML conferences are fully sponsored e.g. NeuRIPS, ICLR, ICML

Health Insurance

Health and dental insurance

Maternal/Paternal Leave

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